Market Cap. Price to Book P/E Volatility
    Diluted EPS Growth
    past 5 years
    Dividend Yield Price Price To Sales
    20 Day SMA 50 Day SMA 200 Day SMA Price/Free Cash Flow
    20 Day High/Low 50 Day High/Low 200 Day High/Low Revenue Growth
    past 5 years
    Debt To Equity Gross Margin Return on Assets Forward PE ratio
    Average True Range Operating Margin Normalized Net Profit Margin Current Ratio
    RSI Payout Ratio Quick Ratio Cash to Debt
    Operating Revenue Growth 1 Year Operating Revenue Growth 3 Year Operating Revenue Growth 5 Year Operating Revenue Growth 10 Year
    Alpha 3 Year Alpha 5 Year Alpha 10 Year EV EBITDA Ratio
    Beta 3 Year Beta 5 Year Beta 10 Year EBITDA Margin
    P/E Nth percentile of Sector P/B Nth percentile of Sector P/S Nth percentile of Sector P/FCF Nth percentile of Sector

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    Market Cap
    Dividend Yield
    Price to FCF
    Price to Sales
    Price to Book
    Book Value per Share
    FCF per Share
    Woodside Petroleum LtdWPL29.7BEnergyOil & Gas E&P20.164.27%16.134.771.2824.841.97
    Santos LtdSTO12.2BEnergyOil & Gas E&P35.840.81%10.272.761.294.550.57
    Origin Energy LtdORG12.1BEnergyOil & Gas Integrated43.2912.550.831.026.710.55
    Oil Search LtdOSH11.5BEnergyOil & Gas E&P35.211.31%6.861.724.38-0.08
    Caltex Australia LtdCTX7.2BEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing9.734.29%16.260.342.1612.741.69
    WorleyParsons LtdWOR4BEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services63.291.71%18.050.822.874.830.77
    Beach Energy LtdBPT3.7BEnergyOil & Gas E&P17.791.23%10.312.832.010.810.16
    Z Energy LtdZEL2.1BEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing75.95%9.140.442.462.160.58
    Cooper Energy LtdCOE688.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P23.879.611.550.28-0.12
    AWE LtdAWE587.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P6.582.520.37-0.03
    Senex Energy LtdSXY550MEnergyOil & Gas E&P7.841.590.24-0.06
    Sino Gas & Energy Holdings LtdSEH519.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.720.09-0
    Carnarvon Petroleum LtdCVN404.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P243.93.410.1-0.01
    FAR LtdFAR382.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.310.03-0.01
    Sundance Energy Australia LtdSEA343.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P5.251.88N/AN/A0.01
    Liquefied Natural Gas LtdLNG285.5MEnergyOil & Gas Midstream4.720.11-0.04
    Australis Oil & Gas LtdATS256.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P6.931.920.17-0.01
    Comet Ridge LtdCOI251.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P5.770.06-0.01
    Karoon Gas Australia LtdKAR235.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.422.26-0.21
    Helios Energy LtdHE8198MEnergyOil & Gas E&P6.020.02-0.01
    Byron Energy LtdBYE158.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P76.928.34.120.06-0.05
    Horizon Oil LtdHZN149.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P5.581.
    Freedom Oil and Gas LtdFDM136.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P3.210.05-0.05
    Galilee Energy LtdGLL124.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P119.050.01-0.04
    Strike Energy LtdSTX108.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P49.51.940.05-0.01
    88 Energy Ltd88E107.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P98.041.350.01-0.01
    Central Petroleum LtdCTP102.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P44.052.7414.510.010
    Buru Energy LtdBRU101.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P4.051.070.22-0.05
    Otto Energy LtdOEL86MEnergyOil & Gas E&P4.093.020.02-0.02
    ELK Petroleum LtdELK83MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.52N/AN/A-0.03
    Leigh Creek Energy LtdLCK66MEnergyOil & Gas Midstream2.60.05-0.05
    Global Energy Ventures LtdGEV65.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1666.674.810.04-0.02
    Thorney Technologies LtdTEK64.3MEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing0.212.590.930.27-0.1
    Blue Energy LtdBUL60MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.880.06-0
    State Gas LtdGAS51.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P8.020.05-0.01
    NuEnergy Gas LtdNGY48.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.270.03-0
    Cue Energy Resources LtdCUE48.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P6.2211.851.961.450.050.01
    Skyland Petroleum Group LtdSKP40.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0.01
    Tap Oil LtdTAP39.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.
    Armour Energy LtdAJQ38.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P60.6110.780.830.110
    Petsec Energy LtdPSA37.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P11.8113.590.01-0.02
    Tlou Energy LtdTOU37.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.620.15-0.02
    Molopo Energy LtdMPO34.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.620.22-0.01
    Valmec LtdVMX32.4MEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services7.
    Kina Petroleum LtdKPL27.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.620.12-0.01
    Calima Energy LtdCE127.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P5.72.180.02-0.01
    Po Valley Energy LtdPVE26.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.990.02-0.01
    Melbana Energy LtdMAY25MEnergyOil & Gas E&P4.20-0
    Real Energy Corp LtdRLE24.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.870.09-0.02
    3D Oil LtdTDO21.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.430.04-0.01
    Pan Pacific Petroleum NLPPP21.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P192.312.350.830.040
    Red Emperor Resources NLRMP21.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P158.732.080.02-0
    Metgasco LtdMEL19.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P18.830.660.07-0
    Empire Energy Group LtdEEG17.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.881.280.01-0
    Fitzroy River Corp LtdFZR17.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P37.0496.151.320.15-0
    Triangle Energy(Global) LtdTEG17.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.16N/AN/A-0.01
    Hughes Drilling LtdHDX16.7MEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services40.160.2212.93-1.46
    Odyssey Energy LtdODY16.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.130.04-0
    Premiere Eastern Energy LtdPEZ15.6MEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing0.030.090.19-0.05
    Neptune Marine Services LtdNMS15.4MEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services0.230.540.46-0.1
    Invictus Energy LtdIVZ15MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.960.02-0
    American Patriot Oil & Gas LtdAOW14.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P21.13.220.01-0.01
    Oilex LtdOEX14.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P65.363.530-0
    Brookside Energy LtdBRK13.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.760.01-0
    ADX Energy LtdADX13.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P79.370-0
    Austex Oil LtdAOK13.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.920.290.06-0
    High Peak Royalties LtdHPR13MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.180.06-0
    Azonto Petroleum LtdAPY12.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.010.02-0
    Icon Energy LtdICN12.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.290.07-0.01
    Elixir Petroleum LtdEXR12.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P5.330.01-0
    Empire Oil & Gas NLEGO12.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.680.20.59-0.04
    Baraka Energy & Resources LtdBKP11.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.240-0
    Indago Energy LtdINK10.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.680.03-0.02
    UIL Energy LtdUIL9.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.990.04-0
    Longreach Oil LtdLGO9.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P6.170-0
    Winchester Energy LtdWEL9.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P4.21.250.03-0.02
    Austin Exploration LtdAKK8.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P-2.1237.040.580.01-0.01
    Transerv Energy LtdTSV8.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P-0.15-3.06188.681.060.01-0
    Carbon Energy LtdCNX8.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P14.94.180.02-0.01
    Jupiter Energy LtdJPR8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.73N/AN/A-0.01
    Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery LtdEOR7.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P80N/AN/A-0
    Wolf Petroleum LtdWOF7.9MEnergyOil & Gas Integrated0.790.01-0
    Interpose Holdings LtdIHS7.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P8.370-0
    Sacgasco LtdSGC7.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P14.530-0.02
    Key Petroleum LtdKEY6.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.920-0
    Swala Energy LtdSWE6.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P28.251.712.60.16
    Eon NRG LtdE2E6.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.7319.960.740.990.020
    Pura Vida Energy NLPVD6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.220.02-0.01
    LWP Technologies LtdLWP5.9MEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services1.940.04-0.08
    Odin Energy LtdODN5.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0.01
    Orca Energy LtdOGY5.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.30.01-0
    IPB Petroleum LtdIPB5.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.870.01-0
    Gas2Grid LtdGGX5.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0
    Global Petroleum LtdGBP5.1MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.560.04-0.02
    Lion Energy LtdLIO5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.622.080.02-0.02
    Bounty Oil & Gas NLBUY4.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P3.030.30.02-0
    Challenger Energy LtdCEL4.7MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0
    Strata-X Energy LtdSXA4.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P58.480.280.2-0.01
    Entek Energy LtdETE4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.950.01-0
    Grand Gulf Energy LtdGGE3.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.130.930.01-0
    MEC Resources LtdMMR3.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.440.02-0
    Nido Petroleum LtdNDO3.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P-
    Fremont Petroleum Corp LtdFPL3.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.080.720.01-0.01
    Indus Energy NLIND3.3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P2.360.01-0
    Augend LtdAUG3MEnergyOil & Gas Drilling0.050.1750.79-22.41
    Big Star Energy LtdBNL3MEnergyOil & Gas E&P9.93.940-0.01
    Greenvale Energy LtdGRV2.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.270.02-0.01
    Octanex LtdOXX2.5MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.150.06-0.01
    Doriemus PLCDOR2.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P93.463.210.16-0.01
    Carbon Minerals LtdCRM2.3MEnergyOil & Gas Drilling0.450.27-0.02
    Kairiki Energy LtdKIK2.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0
    Incremental Oil and Gas LtdIOG2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.240.430.02-0
    Zeta Petroleum PLCZTA1.9MEnergyOil & Gas E&P1.051.780.04-0.03
    Pilot Energy LtdPGY1.8MEnergyOil & Gas E&P18.120-0.01
    Abilene Oil and Gas LtdABL1.6MEnergyOil & Gas E&P147.06N/AN/A-0
    Mission NewEnergy LtdMBT1.5MEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing35.090.310.12-0.05
    Enegex LtdENX1.4MEnergyOil & Gas E&P3.090.01-0
    Rawson Oil and Gas LtdRAW1.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P0.620.02-0.01
    South Pacific Resources LtdSPB1.2MEnergyOil & Gas E&P17.06N/AN/A-0
    Sagalio Energy LtdSAN1MEnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0
    Triple Energy LtdTNP967111EnergyOil & Gas E&PN/AN/A-0.02
    Peako LtdPKO936268EnergyOil & Gas E&P3.910-0
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