Fund Profile: Premium Asia Income

Key Information

APIR codeMAQ0782AU
Asset classHigh Yield Credit
Responsible EntityEquity Trustees Ltd
Fund ManagerValue Partners Hong Kong Limited
Product typeRetail
Legal typeOpen end
Fund inception31 Aug 2011
Fund size$47,580,000
Entry / exit price (2019-12-31)$1.1733 / $1.1616
Minimum initial$25000
Distribution frequencyQuarterly

PDS Objective

The Fund aims to generate regular income with some long-term capital growth.

What is this fund?

The Fund provides exposure to a concentrated portfolio of fixed interest securities issued by companies in Asia and the Middle East. The Fund may also invest in cash, money market instruments and derivatives including over-the counter participatory notes and foreign exchange contracts.

What this rating means?

Superior: Suitable for inclusion on most APLs. The fund outperforms (or is likely to) its peers and benchmark the majority of the time. The fund most of the time has been operating within its mandate and PDS. There are very little to no corporate governance concerns. Management is of a very high calibre.


Management Fee % PA0.9800
ICR % PA1.1300
Entry / Exit %0.0000/0.0000
Switching %0.0000
Buy / Sell Spread 0.50% / 0.50%