281 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000


Sold prices:

Aug 2019undisclosed / contact agent


Recent Listings:

25/Jan/2020For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
25/Jan/2020For rent$900 Per Weeklink
25/Jan/2020For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
25/Jan/2020For rent$900 Per Weeklink
17/Jan/2020For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
9/Jan/2020For rent$915 Per Weeklink
18/Dec/2019For rent$770 per weeklink
1/Dec/2019For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
17/Nov/2019For rent$920 Per Weeklink
1/Nov/2019For rent$950 Per Weeklink
25/Oct/2019For rent$995 Per Weeklink
17/Sep/2019For rentDeposit Takenlink
9/Sep/2019For rentLevel 11 | $650 PWlink
9/Sep/2019For rent$700 Per Weeklink
17/Jul/2019For rentLevel 8 | $900 PW - PRIVATE INSPECTIONS WELCOMElink
9/Jul/2019For rentCentral Location | $900 PWlink
1/May/2019For rent$850 Per Weeklink
29/Mar/2019For sale$875,000link
25/Dec/2018For rent$770 per weeklink
25/Dec/2018For rentCentral Location | $850 PWlink
25/Dec/2018For rent$770link
25/Dec/2018For rentCentral Location | $850 PWlink
25/Oct/2018For rent$920 per weeklink
25/Oct/2018For rent$850 per weeklink
17/Oct/2018For rent$900 per weeklink
25/Sep/2018For rent$995 per weeklink
25/Sep/2018For rent$900 per weeklink
25/Sep/2018For rent$995 per weeklink
17/Sep/2018For rent$950 per weeklink
9/Aug/2018For rent$735 per weeklink
1/Jul/2018For rent$995 per weeklink
25/Jun/2018For rent$950 per weeklink
9/Jun/2018For rent$995 per weeklink
9/Jun/2018For rent$925link
9/Jun/2018For rent$995 per weeklink
9/Jun/2018For rent$925 per weeklink
1/Jun/2018For rent$985 per weeklink
25/May/2018For rent$1,000link
17/May/2018For rent$1300 per weeklink
17/May/2018For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
17/May/2018For rent$1300 per weeklink
17/May/2018For rent$1,050 per weeklink
17/May/2018For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
25/Apr/2018For rent$920 per weeklink
9/Apr/2018For rentDEPOSIT TAKEN - LEASEDlink
17/Mar/2018For rent$1050 per weeklink
9/Feb/2018For rent$950 per weeklink
20/Jan/2018For rent$1,000link
9/Dec/2017For rentAPPLICATION RECEIVEDlink
1/Dec/2017For rent$890link
17/Nov/2017For rent$920link
1/Oct/2017For rentfrom $680 per weeklink
25/Sep/2017For rent$700 per weeklink
25/Sep/2017For rent$1200link
17/Sep/2017For rent$995 per weeklink
17/Sep/2017For rent$700 per weeklink
17/Sep/2017For rent$995 per weeklink
9/Sep/2017For rent$730 per weeklink
17/Aug/2017For rent$1050 per weeklink
17/Aug/2017For rent$765 per weeklink
10/Aug/2017For rent$800 per weeklink
1/Aug/2017For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
17/Jul/2017For rent$900link
9/Jun/2017For rent$975 per weeklink
9/Jun/2017For rent$925pwlink
9/Jun/2017For rent$975 per weeklink
17/May/2017For rent$800 per weeklink
9/May/2017For rent$1,700link
1/May/2017For rent$920link
25/Apr/2017For rent$950link
17/Apr/2017For rent$900 per weeklink
9/Apr/2017For rent$930 per weeklink
1/Feb/2017For rent$950 per weeklink
25/Jan/2017For rent$990 per weeklink
17/Jan/2017For rent$950 per weeklink
25/Dec/2016For rent$995 per weeklink
9/Dec/2016For rent$1,050 per weeklink
17/Nov/2016For rent$950 per weeklink
11/Nov/2016For saleForthcoming Auctionlink
9/Oct/2016For rent$995 per weeklink
17/Sep/2016For rent$1250 PWlink
1/Sep/2016For rent$900link
9/Aug/2016For rent$1,100 pwlink
25/Jul/2016For rent$860 per weeklink
9/Jul/2016For rent$1100 per weeklink
9/Jul/2016For rent$860 per weeklink
9/Jul/2016For rent$1100 per weeklink
9/Apr/2016For rent$1,200link
9/Apr/2016For rentLEASED LEASED LEASEDlink
25/Mar/2016For rent$950 per weeklink
9/Dec/2015For rent$1,150link
25/Nov/2015For rent$1,200link
23/Oct/2015For saleAUCTIONlink
1/Oct/2015For rent$700 per weeklink
25/Aug/2015For rentDEPOSIT TAKEN!link
1/Aug/2015For rent$880 p.wlink
1/Jul/2015For rent$850 per weeklink
25/Jun/2015For rent$900 per weeklink
25/Jun/2015For rent$850 per weeklink
1/Jun/2015For rent$950link
1/May/2015For rentDeposit Taken!link
17/Apr/2015For rent$880 p.wlink
17/Mar/2015For rent$680 per weeklink
17/Feb/2015For rent$675 per weeklink
17/Feb/2015For rent$650 per weeklink
9/Feb/2015For rent$700 per weeklink
1/Feb/2015For rent$1460PWlink
9/Jan/2015For rent$700 per weeklink
1/Jan/2015For rent$1,550 per weeklink
17/Dec/2014For rent$1,460 per weeklink
1/Dec/2014For rent$1,495 per weeklink
1/Dec/2014For rent$720 per weeklink
9/Nov/2014For rent$850 per weeklink
1/Nov/2014For rent$880 PWlink
9/Oct/2014For rent$900 per weeklink
25/Sep/2014For rent$950link
9/Jul/2014For rent$825 per weeklink
9/Jun/2014For rent$1,050link
30/May/2014For salePOAlink
17/May/2014For rent$1,000link
9/Feb/2014For rent$850 Weeklylink
1/Feb/2014For rent$800 per weeklink
17/Jan/2014For rent$850 per weeklink
17/Dec/2013For rent$900 per weeklink
9/Dec/2013For rent$725 per weeklink
9/Dec/2013For rent$700 per weeklink
17/Nov/2013For rent$950link
9/Nov/2013For rent$650link
1/Nov/2013For rent$660link
1/Nov/2013For rent$840 per weeklink
1/Nov/2013For rent$660 per weeklink
25/Oct/2013For rentDeposit Takenlink
25/Oct/2013For rent$840 per weeklink
17/Oct/2013For rentPer weeklink
17/Oct/2013For rent$835link
17/Oct/2013For rent$840 per weeklink
17/Oct/2013For rent$880 per weeklink
9/Oct/2013For rentPer weeklink
9/Oct/2013For rent$880 per weeklink
9/Oct/2013For rent$670 per weeklink
9/Oct/2013For rent$880link
25/Sep/2013For rent$850 per weeklink
25/Sep/2013For rent$830 Per weeklink
25/Sep/2013For rent$850link
25/Sep/2013For rent$830 Per weeklink
17/Sep/2013For rent$875link
17/Sep/2013For rentPer weeklink
17/Sep/2013For rent$875 per weeklink
17/Sep/2013For rentPer weeklink
9/Sep/2013For rent$830link
1/Sep/2013For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
25/Aug/2013For rent$830 per weeklink
25/Aug/2013For rent$840 per weeklink
25/Aug/2013For rent$830 per weeklink
25/Aug/2013For rent$850link
9/Aug/2013For rent$950 per weeklink
1/Jul/2013For rent$680 per weeklink
17/Jun/2013For rent$800 per weeklink
17/Jun/2013For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
9/Jun/2013For rent$825 pwlink
25/May/2013For rent$820 per weeklink
17/May/2013For rent$700 per weeklink
9/May/2013For rent$850 per weeklink
17/Apr/2013For rent$840 per weeklink
1/Mar/2013For rent$800link
17/Feb/2013For rent$850link
17/Feb/2013For rent$830link
17/Feb/2013For rent$850 per weeklink
17/Feb/2013For rent$830 per weeklink
9/Feb/2013For rent$920 per weeklink
17/Jan/2013For rent$630 per weeklink
17/Jan/2013For rent$850 per weeklink
9/Dec/2012For rent$620 per weeklink
1/Dec/2012For rent$820 Weeklylink
25/Nov/2012For rent$640link
25/Nov/2012For rent$850 per weeklink
25/Nov/2012For rent$640 per weeklink
17/Nov/2012For rent$830 Weeklylink
9/Nov/2012For rent$650link
17/Sep/2012For rent$670 per weeklink
18/Aug/2012For rentDeposit Takenlink
9/Aug/2012For rent$640 per weeklink
9/Aug/2012For rent$950link
1/Aug/2012For rent$830link
25/Jul/2012For rent$1,000link
17/Jul/2012For rent$830link
17/Jul/2012For rent$835 pwlink
17/Jul/2012For rent$830 per weeklink
17/Jul/2012For rent$800 per weeklink
9/Jul/2012For rent$850 per weeklink
1/Jul/2012For rent$650 per weeklink
1/Jul/2012For rent$850link
26/Jun/2012For rent$900link
25/Jun/2012For rent$800 per weeklink
25/Jun/2012For rent$860 per weeklink
25/Jun/2012For rent$760 per weeklink
17/Jun/2012For rent$860link
9/Jun/2012For rent$1,050link
1/Jun/2012For rent$900 per weeklink
1/Jun/2012For rentDeposit Takenlink
1/Jun/2012For rent$780 per weeklink
1/Jun/2012For rent$900 per Weeklink
1/Jun/2012For rentDeposit Takenlink
1/Jun/2012For rent$900 per weeklink
17/May/2012For rent$810pwlink
9/May/2012For rent$830 per weeklink
9/May/2012For rent$800 per weeklink
9/Apr/2012For rent$650link
1/Apr/2012For rent$800link
1/Apr/2012For rent$650 per weeklink
9/Mar/2012For rent$670 per weeklink
10/Feb/2012For sale$699,000link
1/Feb/2012For rent$900 per weeklink
1/Feb/2012For rent$800link
1/Feb/2012For rent$900 per weeklink
27/Jan/2012For sale$739,000link
18/Jan/2012For rent$700 per weeklink
13/Jan/2012For salelink
9/Jan/2012For rent$710 per weeklink
9/Jan/2012For rent$780link
9/Jan/2012For rent$700 per weeklink
6/Jan/2012For sale$880,000 - $900,000link
25/Dec/2011For rent$730 per weeklink
17/Dec/2011For rentlink
17/Dec/2011For rent$650 per weeklink
17/Dec/2011For rentlink
17/Dec/2011For rent$750link
17/Dec/2011For rent$800 per weeklink
17/Dec/2011For rentlink
9/Dec/2011For rent$700link
9/Dec/2011For rent$770 Per Weeklink
9/Dec/2011For rent$700 per weeklink
9/Dec/2011For rent$900 per weeklink
9/Dec/2011For rentlink
2/Dec/2011For sale$739,000link
2/Dec/2011For sale$589,000link
17/Nov/2011For rent$650 per weeklink
17/Nov/2011For rent$785 pwlink
11/Nov/2011For sale$739,000link
1/Nov/2011For rent$780 per weeklink
25/Oct/2011For rent$800 per weeklink
25/Oct/2011For rent$730 per weeklink
17/Oct/2011For rent$800 per weeklink
17/Oct/2011For rent$850 per weeklink
1/Oct/2011For rent$800 per weeklink
25/Sep/2011For rent$675 per weeklink
9/Sep/2011For rent$1100 per weeklink
9/Sep/2011For rent$680 per weeklink
9/Sep/2011For rent$1100 per weeklink
1/Sep/2011For rent$750 per weeklink
1/Sep/2011For rent$1200 per weeklink
1/Sep/2011For rent$750link
1/Sep/2011For rent$1200 per weeklink
25/Aug/2011For rent$800link
1/Jul/2011For rent$750 per weeklink
1/Jun/2011For rent$825 per weeklink
1/Jun/2011For rent$750 per weeklink
25/May/2011For rent$760 per weeklink
17/Apr/2011For rent$750link
17/Apr/2011For rent$760 per weeklink
9/Apr/2011For rent$850 per weeklink
17/Mar/2011For rent$700 per weeklink
9/Mar/2011For rent$650link
25/Feb/2011For rent$625 per weeklink
9/Feb/2011For rent$780link
9/Feb/2011For rent$650link
1/Feb/2011For rent$600 per weeklink
1/Feb/2011For rent$780 per weeklink
17/Jan/2011For rent$770 pwlink
9/Jan/2011For rent$760link
1/Jan/2011For rent$1,300 per weeklink
1/Jan/2011For rent$700link
1/Jan/2011For rent$1,300link
17/Dec/2010For rentUNDER APPLICATIONlink
1/Dec/2010For rent$775 pwlink
17/Nov/2010For rent$795 pwlink
17/Nov/2010For rent$830link
1/Nov/2010For rent$850link
25/Oct/2010For rent$600link
17/Oct/2010For rent$750link
17/Oct/2010For rent$700 per weeklink
17/Oct/2010For rent$750 per weeklink
9/Oct/2010For rent$780link
9/Oct/2010For rent$750link
1/Oct/2010For rent$730link
1/Oct/2010For rent$600 per weeklink
1/Oct/2010For rent$800link
25/Sep/2010For rent$640 per weeklink
17/Sep/2010For rent$650link
17/Sep/2010For rent$830link
9/Sep/2010For rent$850link
9/Sep/2010For rent$650 per weeklink
17/Aug/2010For rent$620link
13/Aug/2010For sale$660,000link
9/Aug/2010For rent$620 per weeklink
1/Aug/2010For rent$720 per weeklink
25/Jul/2010For rent$740link
17/Jul/2010For rent$750link
11/Jun/2010For sale$660,000link
9/Jun/2010For rent$600 per weeklink
1/Jun/2010For rent$1,280link
28/May/2010For sale$680,000link
17/Apr/2010For rent$1,350link
9/Apr/2010For saleOffers Around $800,000link
9/Apr/2010For rent$600link
25/Mar/2010For rent$700link
17/Mar/2010For rent$750link
9/Mar/2010For rent$700link
1/Mar/2010For rentDEPOSITlink
1/Mar/2010For rent$1,400link
1/Mar/2010For rentDEPOSIT TAKENlink
25/Feb/2010For rent$750pwlink
25/Feb/2010For rent$600 per weeklink
25/Feb/2010For rent$580link
25/Feb/2010For rent$1,350link
25/Feb/2010For rent$750pwlink
17/Feb/2010For rent$600link
9/Feb/2010For rent$800link
1/Feb/2010For rent$580link
1/Feb/2010For rent$1,350link
1/Feb/2010For rent$1,400link
25/Jan/2010For rent$1,500link

Price Per SQM Co-Efficient Curve™

Below you will find a price per sqm scatterplot chart of sold properties for the postcode 2000. This chart reveals the relationship between sold prices verses land size. Feel free to click on/hover over the particular dot points as they will highlight the property for that sale. You are also able to compare the relationship by clicking on previous years as offered below the chart. A "best fit" curve represents the relative relationship between the sold price and landsize. We call this the Price Per SQM Co-Efficient Curve™ A regional comparison is provided by the purple curve.

Free statistics by SQM Resarch for postcode 2000:

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