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Here at SQM Research we are often asked for the underlying data to our charts. Well finally we have now built the tools to enable you to automatically do just that. With a couple of clicks you can pick any postcode, region city or indeed the national housing statistics for which the entire statistical history of the chart in question will be immediately downloadable via a csv format. Need the data for a research report? Have a school, university assignment on the housing market? The underlying data is at your finger-tips.

This new tool has been created based on the feedback of our customers and delivered in an instant non-fuss manner for immediate use.

Statistics available for immediate download.

Buy the underlying data for:

Rental vacancy rates.
SQM rental vacancy rates is the most recognised and respected rental market series in Australia. The underlying data goes back to the year 2005. The csv file will contain the estimated number of established rental properties, the number of rental vacancies and the rental vacancy rate. Note this is a combined houses and units series.

Click here for Vacancy Rates

Weekly Asking rents
Are rents in your area rising or falling? What has been the rent set for a 2 bedroom apartment and how has this changed over the past 10 years?. The csv file will contain the back-history of rents for the chosen area o the year 2010 and split the rents between all houses, all units, 2 bedroom houses, 3 bedroom units.

Click here for Asking Rent Prices

Weekly rental yields
Rental yields are a measure of the gross rental return compared to the median purchase price for an area expressed as a percentage return or ‘yield’. Given our record low interest rate settings, there are many localities around the country offering cashflow positive properties. Is you area offering high yields or not?

Click here for Rental Yields

Total property listings
Total property listings are a measure of supply on the market. Is there too much stock on the market? Have listings dried up? As you will see in the charts, we have split these listings by days on market which gives you a very good idea on how the older stock is moving and the amount of new listings entering into the market.

Click here for Total Property Listings

Weekly asking prices
Are vendors lifting their asking prices or reducing them? Weekly asking prices are a very good gauge of vendor sentiment.

Click here for Asking Property Prices

Weekly rent listings
Weekly Rent Listings is defined as the total number of properties advertised as available for rent as a snapshot on the day monitored.

Click here for Rental Listings


The underlying data for each chart costs $99, and for every 5 charts' worth of data you purchase, you get $50 off the total.

One chart:$99
Two charts:$198
Three charts:$297
Four charts:$396
Five charts:$445
Six charts:$544
Ten charts:$940