Please find below a collection of reports and media articles which highlight recent events, previous turning points in the market and some interesting comments made by various analysts including Louis over the years.


Vacancy Rates Increase Over December - 12 January 2022

Lets Make Housing a Basic Right in 2022 - 10 January 2022

Red Hot Housing Market to Cool in 2022 - 8 January 2022

Property Investors Eye Year Ahead - 7 January 2022

Christmas Lull Sees Property Listings Drop 20% - 6 January 2022

Storm Clouds Gathering For Sydney and Melbourne Property Markets - 5 January 2022

Property Listings Fall Over December - 4 January 2022


Record Low Rental Vacancies as Capitals Slip Under 1pc - 17 December 2021

Local Rental Crisis Worsens - 16 December 2021

Rental Vacancy Rates Fall to Record Lows Ahead of Borders Opening - 15 December 2021

Rental Vacancy Rates Continue to Decline - 14 December 2021

Is Australian Housing Swinging Toward a Buyers Market - 9 December 2021

Listing Slow as Pre-Christmas Selling Spree Passes - 7 December 2021

Property Listings Fall Over November - 7 December 2021

Buyers Spoiled for Choice as Auction Boom Rolls On - 5 December 2021

House Prices to Peak Next Year - 3 December 2021

SQM Media Release - Christopher’s Housing Boom and Bust Report for 2022 is out now! - 25 November 2021

Why Falling Homeownership Will Change How Australians Retire - 17 November 2021

Melbourne CBD Rental Apartment Stock Plunges 76pc - 15 November 2021

Vacancy Rates Fall to Ten Year Low - 12 November 2021

How Will the Return of International Travel Impact the Australian Property Market? - 10 November 2021

Sellers Rush to Auction as Rate Rises Loom - 7 November 2021

Property Listings Surge in October - 3 November 2021

New Listings Soar by 41pc in Sydney as Vendors Rush To Sell - 2 November 2021

Property Listings Surge Over October - 2 November 2021

Investors Not to Blame For Rental Affordability Woes - 30 October 2021

Regional House Price Falls Loom as Tree Changers Retreat - 28 October 2021

Australias Hot Housing Market Isnt a Patch on Warehouse Demand - 22 October 2021

Investors and Renters Return to Cities as Pandemic Fears Ease - 20 October 2021

House Prices Rises Race Ahead of Units - 19 October 2021 

Investors Flock to Queensland to Cash in on Hot Property Market - 18 October 2021

Worst Now Over For Melbourne Investors As Unit Rents Rise - 14 October 2021

Rental Vacancies Rise From GFC Low - 13 October 2021

New Supply, Soft Demand Lifts Vacancy Rate in Sydney CBD - 12 October 2021

Stamp Duty Depletes Home Listings - 10 October 2021

Housing Advocates Warn Queensland Will Be Crunched - 7 October 2021

Aussie Property Listings Collapse by 26% - 6 October 2021

Stamp Duty Crimps Property Listings, pushing up prices - 5 October 2021

New Home Listings Jump 23% in Sydney - 4 October 2021

Property Listings Fall Over September - 5 October 2021

Out of Control Stamp Duty Bracket Creep is Hurting Listings and Housing Affordability - 2 October 2021

Stamp Duty Hampers Housing Supply, New Study Reveals - 1 October 2021

REIA and SQM Research Stamp Duty Report - 1 October 2021

How Brisbane Became Australias New Property Darling - 23 September 2021

The Cost Of a Rental In The Blue Mountains Continues To Trend Upwards - 20 September 2021

Rental Prices Climb As Vacancy Rates Fall - 16 September 2021 

Lockdown Sparks Jump In Sydney CBD Rental Vacancies - 15 September 2021

Vacancy Rates Fell Again In August - 14 September 2021

Post-Lockdown Housing Rebound To Be Slower This Time Round - 14 September 2021

Losing Steam: Demand For Regional Homes Ease - 7 September 2021

Lockdowns Push Listings to Record Low - 3 September 2021

August Listings Fall To Record Low - 2 September 2021

Sydney Home Price Growth Slows Significantly - 1 September 2021

Slow Start To Spring As Listings Drop 29pc - 31 August 2021

Property Listings Fall Over August - 31 August 2021

Regional Essential Workers Hit By Covid Rental Crisis - 30 August 2021

Australian Housing - Testing The Limits - 25 August 2021

Why Lockdowns Arent Suppressing House Prices - 24 August 2021

Will Spring Hit Property Sellers But Help Buyers? - 23 August 2021

Asking Rents Rise Despite Latest Round of Lockdown - 20 August 2021

Lockdown to Curb Future Rental Growth in Sydney - 19 August 2021

Concerning Rental Prices Rises Above 10% Observed Australia Wide - 18 August 2021

Tight Rental Vacancy Rates Trigger Across The Board Surges In Rents - 17 August 2021

Dont Wait Until Spring, REINSW Warns Sellers - 17 August 2021

Taxing The Rich is Failing to Ease The Global Housing Crunch - 16 August 2021

Sydney Housing Market Hopes For a Second Wind - 11 August 2021

The Property Tribune Articles on SQM Research - 10 August 2021

Social Housing Plea With Rent Now Unaffordable For Essential Workers - 5 August 2021

How The Exodus In Sydney And Melbourne Is Affectting Other Rental Markets - 4 August 2021

New Listings in Sydney Drop by 20pc - 3 August 2021

National Listings Mixed Over July - 3 August 2021

Sydneys Clearance Rates Bounce Back As Prices Jump 2pc - 1 August 2021

Olympics To Fuel Brisbane Housing Boom - 23 July 2021

Where To Look As ACTs Sky-High Rents Keep Rising - 20 July 2021

NSW Rental Market On The Up - But Not Everywhere - 19 July 2021

Even in Lockdown, Sydney and Melbourne Homes Keep Selling - 18 July 2021

National Rental Vacancies Plunge To Decade Lows - 15 July 2021

Regional Rental Markets About To Peak - 14 July 2021

National Rental Vacancy Rates Tighten Further To Ten Year Low - 13 July 2021

Fears Queensland Rental Reform Bills Will Deter Investors - 8 July 2021

Property Listings Shrink Further In June - 7 July 2021

Rise in Covid Cases Cause Auction Rates To Dip - 6 July 2021

Griffith Rents Skyrocket To Record High As Housing Crisis Tightens Grip On City - 5 July 2021

New Listings Fall As Property Owners Wont Sell If They Cant Buy - 1 July 2021

Capital City Home Values Add 10% in 1 Week Amid Lockdowns - 30 June 2021

National Property Listings Fall in June - 30 June 2021

City Auctions Dive As Restrictions Take Hold - 29 June 2021

Sydney Home Sellers Rush To Beat The Lockdown - 27 June 2021

Auction Clearence Rates Hold Steady On Higher Volumes - 24 June 2021

Rental Affordability Worsens Amid Tightening Market - 23 June 2021

The 10 Melbourne Suburbs With Most Available Rentals - 22 June 2021

Even Rich Listers Feel The Heat in Crazy Property Market - 20 June 2021

Rents Rise As The Rental Market Continues To Tighten - 18 June 2021

Oversupply, Pandemic hit Sydney, Melbourne Apartment Rents - 17 June 2021

National Vacancy Rates Plummet - 16 June 2021

Vacancies Drop Across the CBD - 15 June 2021

National Rental Vacancy Rates Fall in May - 15 June 2021

Property Boom Tipped to Continue into 2022 - 10 June 2021

Has Covid Induced Property Vacancies Swung the Balances of Power in the Inner-city Property Market? - 9 June 2021

Property Listings Down as Prices Rise - 7 June 2021

Property Listings Dry Up Across the Nation - 4 June 2021

Property Listing Shortfall Squeezes Prices - 3 June 2021

The Number of Properties For Sale Falls in May - 2 June 2021

The Driving Force Behind Surging House Prices Revealed - 1 June 2021

National Property Listings Fall in May - 1 June 2021

Queenslands rental crisis set to persist - 26 May 2021

Thousands of apartments to flood CBD markets - 20 May 2021

National Vacancy Rate Drops in April - 11 May 2021

More listings come onto the residential market - 6 May 2021

National Property Listings Rise in April - 4 May 2021

National Rental Vacancy Rate Rises in March - 13 March 2021

National Property Listings in March - 7 April 2021

National Rental Vacancy Rate Steady in February - 16 March 2021

SQM Research Media Release - Total property listings fall gain in February  - 3 March 2021

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rates Fall in January to Pre-Covid Levels - 16 February 2021

It sure is a tight property market! - 3 February 2021

Increased buyer demand, not a shortage of property listings, behind tight market - 3 February 2021

SQM Research Media Release - Property Listings Decreased in January 2021 - 2 February 2021

Regional property price rises set to continue - 26 January 2021

The policy risk emerging from the pandemic property price boom - 23 January 2021

Auction fever hits early as sellers and buyers catch up - 22 January 2021

Apartment rents dive off a cliff - 19 January 2021

Apartment prices are falling. Here’s how to ensure you don’t buy a dud - 15 January 2021

Sydney and Melbourne rents plunge amid coronavirus pandemic, but Darwin market skyrockets - 13 January 2021

Strong interstate demand to keep rental market tight - 13 January 2021

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rate Seasonally Increases over December - 12 January 2021

Property listings drop in December - 8 January 2021

SQM Research Media Release - Property Listings Decreased in December - 6 January 2021

The one major city in Australia where house prices are expected to surge by 15% in 2021 - 6 January 2021

The 2021 Sydney Property Market Previewed - 1 January 2021


Housing markets predicted to have a bumper year - 29 December 2020

City rents could drop for years before bouncing back - 15 December 2020

Apartment vacancies easing - 15 December 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rate Remains Stable in November - 15 December 2020

Australia’s Real Estate Forecast 2021 | Louis Christopher - 13 December 2020

Homebuyers abound as spring selling stretches into summer - 13 December 2020

Its Edwin’s Monday Evening Property Rant With Louis Christopher! - 7 December 2020

SQM's two words for Aussie property: resilience and rebound, Ausbiz TV - 7 December 2020

Home prices in capitals to see strong gains next year - 7 December 2020

Mortgage lending reaches all-time high due to low rates and HomeBuilder - 3 December 2020

House prices to surge in Australian capital cities, driven by 'aggressive' Government stimulus - 3 December 2020

Unprecedented govt stimulus prop up housing market - 3 December 2020

Perth-Led House Price Rise Tipped in 2021 - 3 December 2020

Another report suggests Australia’s Housing Markets will grow strongly in 2021 - 3 December 2020

Australia’s home price growth expected to be ‘brisk’ as recession ends - 3 December 2020

JobKeeper extension would see house prices spike higher in 2021 - 3 December 2020

'They will never let a housing crash happen'  Money News podcast - 3 December 2020

Capital city dwelling prices to rise between 5% to 9% in 2021: SQM's Louis Christopher - 3 December 2020

SQM Media Release - All Cities to record Dwelling Price Rises in 2021 - Housing Boom & Bust Report 2021 - 3 December 2020

Total Property Listings Decreased in November - 2 December 2020

Total property listings decrease in November as old stock gets snapped up: SQM - 1 December 2020

Residential listings decline, surprises market - 1 December 2020

SQM Media Release - Total Property Listings Decreased in November - 1 December 2020

House Hunting in Australia: A Converted Salvation Army Hall in Sydney - 25 November 2020

Suburbs littered with empty apartments - 19 November 2020

National Rental Vacancy Rate Marginally Increases in October - 17 November 2020

City exodus continues as regional sees near zero rental vacancies - 17 November 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National Vacancy Rate marginally increased in October - 17 November 2020

Three-quarters of homes sell at auction - 15 November 2020

Melbourne leads surge in October listings - 6 November 2020

Investor activity back to pre-Covid levels - 4 November 2020

Listings surge points to strong late Christmas, early New Year market - 3 November 2020

SQM Research Media Release: National Residential Property Listings Increased Significantly in October - 3 November 2020

Worst may be over for property price slide - 27 October 2020

ABC does the Sydney and Melbourne rental smash - 23 October 2020

Despite pandemic pressures, Australia on cusp of new housing boom - 21 October 2020

Melbourne auctions to soar as restrictions ease - 19 October 2020

Getting out of town: Australians rush to rent in the regions - 17 October 2020

Time to move? Sydney no longer Australia's most expensive place for tenants as rents plunge by 9% - 14 October 2020

Melbourne moves past Sydney for highest vacancy rate - 13 October 2020

Population Still Steering Clear of Cities, For Now - 13 October 2020

Melbourne CBD vacancy rate soars, other capitals steady: SQM Research - 13 October 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rate Remains Stable in September - 13 October 2020

Home listings point to rising confidence, activity - 6 October 2020

Total property listings drop in September: SQM Research - 6 October 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National residential property listings decreased in September - 6 October 2020

If this is a Recession, how did a house sell for $95 million last week? Peter Switzer TV - 17 September 2020

Melbourne city vacancies hit an all-time high, as property prices dive nationwide - 15 September 2020

Melbourne CBD vacancy surges to record high - 15 September 2020

Melbourne spikes, but residential vacancy rates decrease over August: SQM Research - 15 September 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rates Decreased in August - 15 September 2020

Tenants compete for rentals in Australia’s regional cities as vacancy rates tighten - 9 September 2020

Two Reasons Why Listings Are Falling - 3 September 2020

Melbourne Market Freeze Slugs State Revenue - 2 September 2020

SQM Media Release - Total property listings decreased in August - 1 September 2020

Regional vacancies tighten as tenants flee CBDs - 11 August 2020

Covid Keeps City Rental Vacancy Rates Up - 11 August 2020

National Rental Vacancy Rates Decreased in July - 11 August 2020

SQM Research Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rates Decreased in July - 11 August 2020

Growth seen in all aspects of WA market - 10 August 2020

A fresh house price warning plus how to profit from recession - Ross Greenwood - 4 August 2020

House Prices ‘Falling, Not Crashing’: SQM - 4 August 2020

Residential listings go against the trend - 4 August 2020

Home listings jump 21pc in Sydney as vendors rush to sell - 4 August 2020

Total property listings increased in July - 4 August 2020

SQM Research Media Release - Total Property Listings Increased in July - 4 August 2020

The property market is 'falling as we speak' - 2 August 2020

Regional Areas Take Hold of Rental Market - 29 July 2020

Property investors brace for 30% price falls - 28 July 2020

Property owners spooked by Melbourne’s second wave as clearance rates fall - 26 July 2020

Property faces 30% declines (ABC Radio) - 24 July 2020

Property in 'uncharted waters' as migration dives - 23 July 2020

Property In Focus: When Vacancy Rates Fall, Rents ... Fall? - 20 July 2020

Coronavirus likely to see Sydney house prices fall for 18 months, economist warns - 19 July 2020

Vacancy rates & rental discounting fall, but no recovery for the rental market yet - 15 July 2020

Beach renters wanted! Exclusive billionaires' playgrounds near Sydney & Melbourne where almost 40% of houses are EMPTY - 14 July 2020

National rental vacancy rates decreased in June - 14 July 2020

Rental vacancies are falling sharply - 14 July 2020

SQM Media Release: National Rental Vacancy Rates Decreased in June - 14 July 2020

SQM Research Media Release: Property Listings Decreased in June - 2 July 2020

AFR Inside Markets, Episode 4: Analysis of the residential property markets - June 23, 2020

Housing market intact for now, say experts - 23 June 2020

Vacancies Likely To Rise - 17 June 2020

Sydney rental vacancy rate climbs to highest since 2005 - 16 June 2020

Sydney, Melbourne house prices up more than 10% in year before shutdowns - 16 June 2020

Sydney rental vacancies climb to highest in country after another mass tenant exodus - 16 June 2020

Sydney rental vacancy rate at record high as national rate falls - 16 June 2020

Empty rentals in Sydney, Brisbane hit new high - 16 June 2020

SQM Research Media Release: National Rental Vacancy Rates Decrease in May - 16 June 2020

Has COVID-19 impacted the relationship between fund managers and research houses? - 12 June 2020

A Special Broadcast, COVID-19 and Property - 11 June 2020

Coronavirus: Melbourne property listings jump in May - 4 June 2020

Homebuyers left with meagre choice of properties as Sydney sellers hold off listing - 2 June 2020

Listings rise as older housing stock fails to sell - 2 June 2020

Residential listings rise, taking longer to sell - 2 June 2020

SQM Media Release - Total Property Listings Increased in May - 2 June 2020

SQM: No imminent rebound for Aussie property - 1 June 2020

Sellers reluctant, buyers cautious in low-volume market - 31 May 2020

Now that it’s a renters market, should you take advantage and find a new rental? - 26 May 2020

'A very good time to upgrade': Tenants bag bargains as landlords drop rents - 24 May 2020

Rent decreases in Sydney’s east while the west sees prices rise - 22 May 2020

Rents fall as landlords struggle to fill vacant properties during Australia's coronavirus crisis - 21 May 2020

Australia’s property market is ‘slowly sinking’ - 17 May 2020

Australians seek regional affordability, as research shows 30% price plunge possible with coronavirus second wave - 15 May 2020

Mortgage trusts hold up amid virus crisis - 14 May 2020

Rental prices fall as coronavirus causes vacancy rates to soar - 13 May 2020

Major correction recorded in National Rental Market - 13 May 2020

Renters are set to pay a LOT less as vacancy rates DOUBLE in just one month amid the coronavirus pandemic - 13 May 2020

Rental vacancy rates record highest monthly jump in over a decade: SQM - 12 May 2020

Rents set to plummet as vacancy rates start to climb - 12 May 2020

Sydney city vacancies hit record high - 12 May 2020

One in 10 inner-city rentals left empty as tourism collapses - 12 May 2020

Nearly 1 in 7 rental homes sit empty in parts of Sydney as vacancies skyrocket - 12 May 2020

Renters win as owners face short-stay apocalypse - 12 May 2020

CBDs, Holiday Spots See Largest Fall in Rents - 12 May 2020

SQM Research Media Release - Major Correction in National Rental Market; Vacancy Rates Surge & Rents Fall - 12 May 2020

April sees a decrease in new property listings - 6 May 2020

Coronavirus: Melbourne median house value tipped to fall 9.2% - 5 May 2020

New property listings drop around Australia in April, SQM research shows - 5 May 2020

Housing supply plummets in Sydney as coronavirus drives drop in new listings - 5 May 2020

Mortgages plunge as buyers fear repayments - 5 May 2020

SQM Research Media Release - New Property Listings Decreased in April – 5 May 2020

Buyers’ strike has unsold properties piling up - 28 April 2020

Australia's housing market saw growth in the first quarter, are those heady days set to end? - Louis Christopher speaks to The Business, ABC - 23 April 2020

Predictions house prices could fall by 30% in worst-case scenario as coronavirus restrictions bite - 23 April 2020

COVID-19 impact boost vacancies but Canberra house rents surge - 18 April 2020

Housing markets to dodge crash, but long-term fears loom - 15 April 2020

Get ready for cheap rent: Rental vacancy rates steady in March, but Brisbane rents tipped to fall in months ahead - 15 April 2020

Looking back at forecasts made in October last year: Louis Christopher - 15 April 2020

SQM Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rate Remains Stable in March - 14 April 2020

Auction Slump Signals Residential Roller Coaster Ride - 14 April 2020

Coronavirus Property Questions Answered - Louis Christopher answers some common questions - 13 April 2020

Coronavirus: Melbourne’s rental stock increases, homes for sale set to decrease - 10 April 2020

Coronavirus: How will Melbourne, Sydney housing markets emerge? - 8 April 2020

Can't rule out 30pc fall in house prices - 7 April 2020

Property listings rose during early coronavirus social isolation - 7 April 2020

Property listings still sitting on the market after four weeks: SQM - 7 April 2020

Listings Start to Accumulate Due to Impact of Covid-19 - 7 April 2020

SQM Research - Why A 30% Decline in Sydney and Melbourne Housing Prices Is a Real Possibility - 7 April 2020

SQM Media Release: New Property Listings Increased in March - 7 April 2020

How Australian Real Estate market will be impacted by COVID-19 - Louis Christopher - 5 April 2020

How to analyse property data - Louis Christopher joins host Phil Tarrant - 1 April 2020

Will coronavirus crush real estate prices? - SwitzerDaily- 26 March 2020

Ban on public auctions puts housing market on hold - 25 March 2020

Reserve Bank’s latest cash rate cut unlikely to give housing market same boost as previous cuts - 20 March 2020

Vacancy Rates Are Shrinking - 18 March 2020

February saw declining vacancy rates - 18 March 2020

SQM Media Release: National Vacancy Rate Declines in February - 17 March 2020

‘Business as usual’ in hot auction market but coronavirus threat looms - 14 March 2020

Housing market outlook: prices still poised to rise, but so are risks - 9 March 2020

Coronavirus could hit real estate sales, rents and development if outbreak worsens - 7 March 2020

Sydney properties spending less time up for sale, new figures show - 3 March 2020

Virus fears could stymie rate cut boost - 3 March 2020

Home listings surge 60pc in Sydney - 3 March 2020

SQM Media Release: National Property Listings Marginally Increased in February - 3 March 2020

'Landlord market' in sight as vacancies drop - 18 February 2020

Vacancy rates fell across Australia reaching record lows in some states: SQM Research - 18 February 2020

SQM Media Release - National Rental Vacancy Rates Tumble in January - 18 February 2020

Tips for investors on analysing data: Louis Christopher on The Smart Property Investment Show - 17 February 2020

‘Seller’s market for quite some time’: strong buyer demand, slow listings see price growth to continue - 9 February 2020

Melbourne property listing numbers start to grow as market improves - 8 February 2020

Listings surge across all capitals - 4 February 2020

Residential property listings surge in January: SQM Research - 4 February 2020

SQM Research Media Release - New Property Listings Surged in January 2020 - 4 February 2020

Listings drought set to end as sellers return - 27 January 2020

Tom Panos Webinar: Real Estate Predictions for 2020 with Louis Christopher - 24 January 2020

Concerns new rental laws deterring investors as ACT enters January squeeze - 20 January 2020

The Australian city where rents skyrocketed by a quarter in a year - 15 January 2020

Best suburbs to invest in Darwin 2020 - 15 January 2020

Days of the tenants’ rental market are numbered - 14 January 2020

SQM Media Release: National Vacancy Rates Increase Marginally in December - 14 January 2020

Real estate prices set to skyrocket across Sydney in 2020 due to sales shortage: experts - 9 January 2020

Sydney listings drought set to make buying homes even harder - 8 January 2020

SQM Media Release: Property Listings Decreased in December 2019 - 7 January 2020

Why a sharp drop in home listings is good for recovery - 7 January 2020



Up not down: Why housing market forecasters got it badly wrong in 2019 - 27 December 2019

SQM Media Release: National Vacancy Rates Increase Marginally in November - 17 December 2019

Australian regulators won’t try to slow the housing market: SQM - 10 December 2019

Sellers respond to rising market with property listings increase - 4 December 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Increased in November - 3 December 2019

Is a mini-boom possible for 2020: Kevin Turner's Real Estate Talk - 25 November 2019

Rising listing numbers hint at bumper year for property sales in 2020 - 23 November 2019

Loss Of Construction Jobs Predicted - 21 November 2019

Sydney, Melbourne Likely To Remain Vulnerable? - 18 November 2019

Mortgage stress test buffer of 2.5% buffer is here for a while despite price rises, experts say - 18 November 2019

From freefall to boom: what the hell is happening to Australia's housing market? - 16 November 2019

Prices would surge in absence of lending curbs - 15 November 2019

House Prices Set to Rise 7 to 11% in 2020: SQM - 14 November 2019

Canberra a safe bet in hot housing market in 2020, says report - 14 November 2019

House prices forecast to jump across the nation as regulators let the boom rip - 14 November 2019

Australian house price crash named major global risk for 2020 - 14 November 2019

Property prices on course to experience double-digit growth in 2020 - 14 November 2019

Boom baby boom - Peter Switzer - 14 November 2019

Melbourne house prices tipped to rise by up to 15 per cent: SQM Research - 14 November 2019

Boom time forecast for Brisbane’s housing market in 2020 - 14 November 2019

Melbourne housing prices tipped to soar in short-lived boom: SQM - 14 November 2019

Sydney, Melbourne house prices tipped to surge by 15% in 2020 - 14 November 2019

SQM Media Release - Most Cities to record Dwelling Price Rises in 2020 - Christopher’s Housing Boom & Bust Report 2020 is Out Now! - 14 November 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Steady in October - 12 November 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Rise for Mid-Spring - 6 November 2019

SQM Media Release - Vacancy Rates Dip in September

Sydney property is booming again as spring listing numbers tank - 2 October 2019

Listings dry out across the board - 1 October 2019

The price points at which Sydney properties are taking longest to sell - 1 October 2019

Property listings record abnormal decrease over September: SQM - 1 October 2019

Booming prices could be back for Sydney housing after highest monthly growth in 2 years - 1 October 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings record abnormal decrease in September - 1 October 2019

Budget surplus blamed for ACT’s house-listing logjam - 29 September 2019

Both Sydney and Melbourne rental yields continue stabilising - 25 September 2019

Auction clearances hold steady even as volumes rise for spring - 22 September 2019

Melbourne home sellers in a better position as asking prices tick up, discounting eases - 20 September 2019

Sydney rents plunge as fed-up residents move out to escape the overcrowded city & soaring costs of living - 17 September 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Marginally Declined in August - 17 September 2019

Can Doomsday Merchants be Right? Louis Christopher joins Peter Switzer? - 13 September 2019

SQM Media Release - National Property Listings Increased in August - 3 September 2019

Sydney prices still ‘overvalued’ despite recent falls: SQM Research - 28 August 2019

Sydney housing market has bottomed out: SQM's Louis Christopher - 28 August 2019

Buyers need to be decisive and up their budgets if they want to compete for spring sales - 17 August 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Remain Steady in July - 13 August 2019

Older stock levels decline – Kevin Turner talks to Louis Christopher - 13 August 2019

Inner west becomes tenant’s dream as vacancy rates remain high - 12 August 2019

Buyers brave winter chill as property market warms - 11 August 2019

Fewer homes made it to the market in July - 7 August 2019

SQM Research Media Release - Property Listings Declined in July 2019 - 6 August 2019

House price falls: are they done and dusted? Peter Switzer talks to Louis Christopher - 29 July 2019

House price falls may be ending, but do not expect another boom - 19 July 2019

ABC News - Louis Christopher and Felicity Emmett - 19 July 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Increase Marginally in June - 16 July 2019

Fewer owners listed their properties in June, figures show - 3 July 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Declined in June 2019 - 2 July 2019

Has the property market hit the bottom? - 2 July 2019

Stronger weekend auction success rates, but no new boom as yet: Louis Christopher - 1 July 2019

Older apartments to grow in demand as buyers grow wary of defects in new buildings: experts - 24 June 2019

Australia’s best performing suburbs over the last year as mining towns jump in value - 22 June 2019

Coping With Sydney’s Apartment Glut - 21 June 2019

National vacancy rate declined in May: SQM research - 21 June 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Decline Marginally in May - 18 June 2019

Sydney 'ghost-tower' apartments increase as rental vacancies rise, market hits peak-supply - 11 June 2019

The popular capital city where rents are falling - 7 June 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Increased in May 2019 - 4 June 2019

Have We Bottomed Out Sooner Than We Thought? Exclusive Data Insights from Louis Christopher, SQM Research - 30 May 2019

Hold your horses: house prices are not about to take off - 28 May 2019

Liberal win, APRA loosening & pending RBA rate cut sees SQM's Louis Christopher forecast price recovery - 22 May 2019

Liberal's Election Win, APRA, RBA Rate Cuts - SQM moves to Scenario 4 - 21 May 2019

How much will your house go up by? - 21 May 2019

SQM Research Media Release: Labor's Negative Gearing Policy – Clarification - 15 May 2019

Record number of Sydney homes are now sitting empty: SQM - 14 May 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Jump in April - 14 May 2019

Residential property listings fall around the country over April - 7 May 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Decreased in April - 7 May 2019

Are YOU paying too much for rent? The cities where being a tenant has become cheaper during the past year - 16 April 2019

Vacancy rate dips, but 3pc threshold looms in 2019 - 16 April 2019

SQM Media Release: National Vacancy Rates Marginally Down in March - 16 April 2019

Be careful what you wish for with negative gearing – Kevin Turner talks to Louis Christopher - 3 April

Melbourne home listings blow out in March with 25pc jump - 3 April 2019

A curveball for the economy - Peter Switzer, a special property episode - 2 April 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Increase in March 2019 - 2 April 2019

Mainstream media only interested in the negatives of property - 1 April 2019

REIA responds to oppositions start date for negative gearing and capital gains tax changes - 29 March 2019

Revealed: Australia’s 10 regions with the lowest rental vacancy rates - 22 March 2019

What are the proposed changes to Negative Gearing & Capital Gains Tax? Tom Panos talks with Louis Christopher, SQM Research - 21 March 2019

7.30 Report - The impact of changing negative gearing - 21 March 2019

Labor negative gearing reforms could drag economy into recession and wipe $2.3 billion from tax revenue - 21 March 2019

Brace for impact: Forecaster warns Labor's plan to scrap negative gearing could send house prices plunging by another 15% - 21 March 2019

Rents to rise, house prices to decline under Labor’s negative gearing policy: SQM - 21 March 2019

What rent, values look like under Labor: New modelling - 21 March 2019

WA property investors ‘at risk’ under ALP property negative gearing tax plan - 21 March 2019

REIWA - ALP negative gearing tax plan to disadvantage everyday Australians - 21 March 2019

SQM Media Release: Labor’s Negative Gearing Policy – A Market Update 2019 - 21 March 2019

SQM Media Release - National Vacancy Rates Remain Steady in February - 12 March 2019

Number of properties for sale in Sydney hits a 10-year high as fewer people seek to buy - 6 March 2019

More homes hit market despite price downturn - 6 March 2019

Sydney develops mounting backlog of unsold housing as buyer demand continues to drop - 5 March 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Increase in February 2019

Incentives, rent cuts and a falling knife: where is the housing market now? - 19 February 2019

Bargain buys: Prices slashed on 23,000 homes - 16 Feb 2019

Investors now ‘scared of housing market’- 14 February 2019

$7 trillion question: how low will house prices go - 14 February 2019

SQM Media Release: Vacancy Rates Decline in January in most Capital Cities – 12 February 2019

'Beware the bounce': clearance rates firm as volumes dwindle - 10 February 2019

Property Listings Surge in Challenging Market - 6 February 2019

Recent property listing data spur concerns - 5 February 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings Drop Marginally in January 2019

ABC News: Experts talk to The Business about what lies ahead for the economy - 29 January 2019

More than 25,000 homes available for rent across Sydney after December surge in listings - 15 January 2019

SQM Media Release - Vacancy Rates Up in Most Capital Cities in December - 15 January 2019

Why Canberra Is A Safe Bet For Investors - 11 January 2019

36,000 home hangover for Melbourne market: SQM Research - 9 January 2019

Fewer house listings recorded in December - 9 January 2019

Property listings up year on year in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra: SQM Research - 8 January 2019

Canberra star property performer with home price rise nation’s highest in 2018 - 8 January 2019

SQM Media Release - Property Listings decline in December – 8 January 2019

Why 2019 could be a good year for renters: Prices are set to plunge after surge in new developments and dwindling demand - 7 January 2019

Affordability will influence market sentiment – Louis Christopher talks with Kevin Turner - 7 January 2019

The Good News For First Home Buyers - 5 January 2019

We didn’t see it coming, Louis Christopher talks to Kevin Turner - 2 January 2019

Weakest property market since 2008: Sydney, Melbourne house prices tumble - 2 January 2019

Where to for Sydney property in 2019? Experts expect further price falls - 1 January 2019


We got it wrong – Louis Christopher talks with Kevin Turner - 29 December 2018

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No Sydney housing crash in 2018, but we will see a slowdown: SQM's Louis Christopher - 19 October 2017

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Sydney listings up 12.4pc on last year, point to slower spring: SQM Research - 6 September 2017

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House prices growth could force RBA hand - 2 August 2017

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First-home buyers get 'window' of opportunity with Victoria, NSW to cut stamp duty - 27 June 2017

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Sydney home prices to get cheaper as market falls into two-year slump - 22 June 2017

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Renters winning as Brisbane’s residential vacancies still rise - 21 June 2017

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Media Release - Modest Rise in National Listings Suggest Ongoing Strength - 6 June 2017

Housing boom over when clearances hit 65% in Sydney: SQM - 31 May 2017

Bank levy could trigger housing market downturn - 22 May 2017

Residential vacancy up marginally but still tight in Sydney and Melbourne - 16 May 2017

Brisbane’s residential vacancy rate continues to rise, SQM Research says - 16 May 2017

Media Release - Vacancy Rates Rise Modestly in April - 16 May 2017

Vacancy rates could tighten (podcast) - 16 May 2017

Technology is bringing back residential property trusts - 16 May 2017

Changes to negative gearing could hurt investor demand - 15 May 2016

Demand & prices of recent new builds to fall after 2017 Budget depreciation negative gearing changes - 14 May 2017

Negative gearing 'scalpel' will cool apartment demand: experts - 14 May 2017

Flash Forum: Louis Christopher on the state of the housing market - 4 May 2017

Slowdown, what slowdown? Listings slump in April, pushing up asking prices, according to SQM - 3 May 2017

Talk of a property slowdown is just ‘propaganda’: expert - 2 May 2017

No slowdown: Listings drop in April as owners hold, pushing up prices, SQM says - 2 May 2017

Is the property market slowing down? Louis Christopher joins Switzer TV - 1 May 2017

Media Release - Property Listings Tumble in April, House Prices Up in Big Cities

Good and bad debt for households explained - 27 April 2017

Industry divided over idea of cap on investment properties for negative gearing - 20 April 2017

Melbourne landlords in driver’s seat as vacancy rates drop again, prompting rent rises - 18 April 2017

Sydney and Melbourne rental vacancy rates fall - 18 April 2017

Vacancy Rates Tumble Around Nation - Media Release 18 April 2017

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Housing correction 'won't be orderly' – 7 April 2017

Sydney, Melbourne sellers rush to list properties as prices soar - 5 April 2017

Almost 3000 new listings hit the market across Sydney in March - 5 April 2017

APRA's move won't stop 2017 price growth says SQM as listing, prices rise in March - 5 April 2017

Melbourne property listings, prices rising and APRA restrictions won’t slow growth: SQM Research - 4 April 2017

National Property Listings Rise, House Prices Up - 4 April

Australia sticks with blunt instruments to battle housing bubble - 2 April 2017

APRA's lending limits 'weak', says SQM Research - 31 March 2017

APRA Strengthens Macroprudential Rules for Banks – 31 March 2017

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Get more exposure to Asian REITs that have more value, fund managers say – 29 March 2017

Melbourne Vacancy Rate Drops to Near 10-Year Low - 21 March 2017

Kochie Takes Aim at Government to Fix Housing Affordability – 21 March 2017

Crackdown on Bank Lending Through Tougher Macroprudential Policies Imminent – 21 March 2017

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Unit Oversupply Looms in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne - Media Release

Strong early spring for Melbourne home prices as value rise again - 1st November 2016

October Listing in Surprise Drop, Asking Prices Jump in Melbourne

SQM Research Media Release: Vacancy Rates Rise in September 

Vacancy Rates Drop, Rents jump in Big Cities in August:SQM Media release-20 September 2016

Listings fall in August as vendors prepare for spring selling season - 8th September 2016 

August dip for capital in sales - 6 September 2016

Falls Recorded For All Capital Cities in August. Weekly Asking Prices for Melbourne Houses up 14.5% in the last Year - 6th September 2016

Affordability at new low as Sydney and Melbourne prices surge - 1 September 2016 

Rental vacancies in Perth have hit a record high, with asking rents falling - 24th August 2016

National vacancy rates creep upwards - 24th August 2016

Rents down on every score in Brisbane amid major supply influx - 24th August 2016

Perth hit hard by rental vacancies - 24th of August 2016

Perth Records a Record High 5.2% Vacancy Rate in July - SQM Research vacancy rates and asking rents media release - 23rd August 2016

Housing prices picking up, but growth to moderate in spring economist says - 23rd August 2016

Rate cut to stimulate investors, worsen low stock levels: real estate agents - 2nd August 2016

Labor's Negative Gearing Policy - A Market Viewpoint

Melbourne and Sydney's 'unfashionable' suburbs are now leading the property market - 21st July 2016

No reprieve for Perth as vacancies hit record mark - 20th July 2016

In good news for those wanting to find a rental property vacancy rates are on the way up - 20th July 2016

Cold weather means hot property for sellers - 19th July 2016

Perth Vacancy Rates Breaks Record High: SQM Research vacancy rates and asking rents media release - 18th July 2016

Drummoyne: Sydney's last growth suburb - 8th July 2016

Election watch: Negative Gearing - Dukascopy TV - 6th July 2016

Listings fall for winter - SQM Research Stock on Market and Median Asking Prices Media Release - 5th July 2016

Darwin rental prices tipped to bottom out by Christmas - 1 July 2016

National rents improve as market remains tight - 24th June 2016

Federal election 2016: Renters won't feel negative gearing hit for years, SQM says - 22nd June 2016

Federal election 2016: House prices to fall, rents to rise under Labor negative gearing policy - 22nd June 2016

Election 2016: Labor's negative gearing plan could floor property market, says report - 22nd June 2016

Federal election 2016: Labor gets conflicting reports on housing - 22nd June 2016

Real estate titans predict massive slides in prices if ALP wins government - 22nd June 2016

House prices to fall up to 15pc under Labor's negative gearing plan, SQM warm - 22nd June 2016

Parents making way for children by moving into backyard flats - 17th June 2016

Rental rates increase for most capital cities - 15th June 2016

Hobart records its fifth consecutive vacancy rate under 1.00% - SQM Research Vacancy Rates and Asking Rents media release - 14th June 2016

Rate cut likely behind May listings fall - 10th June 2016

Strong housing market holds ground again - 5th June 2016

If the Sydney property market is booming again, why doesn't anyone want to sell? - 5th June 2016

Will Australia's property bubble burst? - 30th May 2016

Australia home sales slipped 4.7% in April - 30th May 2016

Property industry figures dismiss Melbourne market fears - 26th May 2016

Macquarie Bank blacklists loans for apartments in 'risky' suburbs - 25th May 2016

How to turn an apartment glut into gain - 22nd May 2016

Executive rents tumble: Tamarama leads nation with 40pc annual fall - 19th May 2016

Perth vacancy rate hits record high - 19th May 2016

Apartment market fears not supported by Vacancy Rates - 18th May 2016

Sydney to be 'more like Tokyo' under UDIA proposal - 18th May 2016

Tight vacancy rates ease unit rent fears for Sydney, Melbourne - 18th May 2016

No increase in vacancies despite increased supply in Sydney and Melbourne - 18th May 2016

April records spike in vacancies: SQM Research Vacancy Rates and Asking Rents Media Release - 17th May 2016

Negative gearing: House price could drop overnight if changes introduced - 12th May 2016

Proposed negative gearing changes would hit Western Sydney's densley populated areas hard - 10th May 2016

The six culprits blamed for the housing affordability crisis - 3rd May 2016

SQM Research stock on market and median asking prices media release - 3rd May 2016 

Chinese visas drive top end property sales - 1 May 2016

Mcgrath estate agents slump 30pc on slowing northern Sydney property market - 18th April 2016

Distressed properties a double-edged sword for brokers - 18th April 2016

For the third consecutive month perth takes the prize as the capital city with the highest vacancy rates: SQM Research vacancy rates and asking rents media release - 18th April 2016

What Sydney prices buy elsewhere -  9th April 2016

Tips for suceess in a volatile property market - 9th April 2016

AMP 'blacklists'more than 140 suburbs for apartment lending - 23rd March 2016

Sydney property prices fall for the first time in three years - 23rd March 2016

Mortgage rate rises to follow business loan hikes - 18th March 2016 

Falls recorded for February: SQM Research vacancy rates and asking rents media release - 15th March 2016

Vacant apartments may not indicate slackening demand - 15th March 2016

Take a look in the mirror, Terry Ryder - 14th March 2016

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Falls recorded for January 2016: SQM Research Vacancy Rates and asking rents media release - 16th February 2016

Home buyers in outer sydney should be 'very cautious', experts say - 9th February 2016

No major increases or falls expected for Sydney property house prices over 2016 - 9th February 2016

The alternative guide to Aussie property in 2016 - 8th February 2016

Residential listings take slight fall over january - 4th February 2016

New listings up nationally but new sydney stock lagging - 2nd February 2016

National listings down for january despite mixed capital city results: SQM Research stock on market and median asking prices media release - 2nd February 2016

Kochie says property outlook for 2016 is mixed but should be a buyer's market - 29th January 2016

Alarming residential vacancies recorded in two capital cities - 20th January 2016

Darwin vacancies continue to climb: SQM Research vacancy rates and asking rents media release - 18th January 2016

Property vacancy rates have lifted throughout Australia with figures in two capital cities labelled "alarming" - 17th January 2016

Residential listing figures point to strengthening Melbourne Market - 14th January 2016

Gold Coast real estate makes a comeback in $80m, one-day sale - 14th January 2016

Vendors Moved to the Sidelines for the Holidays: SQM Research Stock on Market and Median Asking Prices Media Release - 12th January 2016

Rental growth to be 'sluggish' in 2016 - 11th January 2016


2015 house price forecasts the good the bad and the hopeless - 31th December 2015

Peter Icklow sells family for $6.05 million as Sydney market slows - Decemeber 20th 2015

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Real estate boom appears to have peaked as rents wobble - 16th December 2015

Apartments: gut stokes fears of price weakness - 16th December 2015

Rental vacancies rise as a foreign students go home - 16th December 2015

November vacancies pick up as we approach the seasonal holiday spike : SQM Research Vacancy Rates and Asking Rents Media Release - 15th December 2015

Most capitals report stock increases - 8th December 2015

Property experts dismiss the housing market is on a decline - 1st December 2015

Listings record slight pullback from October Surge - SQM Research Stock on Market and Median

Asking Prices Media Release - 1st December 2015

Melbourne property to overtake Sydney in 2016 - 22 November 2015

National vacancy rate remains on hold over october - 18th November 2015

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Government rental controls would 'distort the market' - 11th June 2015

Joe Hockey's advice for first home buyers overshadows results of illegal foreign investment crackdown - 9th June 2015

Property listings rise in may. Asking prices continue to rise: SQM Research May Stock on Market Media Release - 9th June 2015

Kingscliff, NSW, waterfront home expected to fetch up to $2 million - 6th June 2015

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Good as Gold for investors - 29th May 2015

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Supply shortage and 'hot'money among reasons for Sydney's high prices - 31st March 2015

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Our major cities are tipped to become a lot more crowded, particularly with people living alone - 25th March 2015

February vacancies fall, rents drop in some cities - 23rd March 2015

DIY property sales: vendors save by spurning estate agents - 20th March 2015

Australia's APRA to weigh action on mortgages next month - 20th March 2015

Agents step up as homes go unsold for hundreds of days - 20th March 2015

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Hockey's super scheme triggers property bubble backlash - 17th March 2015

February Vacancies Fall: SQM Media Release -  17th March 2015

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Fewer options for Sydney buyers as listing numbers fall in January - 9th February 2015

Rate cut will have 'minimum' impact on rental market - 9th February 2015

January sees hike in residential properties for sale - 9th February 2015

Property listings rise in January: Sydney bucks national trend - SQM Stock on Market January Media Release - 6th February 2015

Rate cut will be 'double-edged sword' for industry - 5th February 2015

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Stock levels slide in July, with national result recording 3 1/2 year low - SQM Research Stock On Market Media Release - 7th August 2014

Spring market expected to boom as national clearance rates lifts - 4th August 2014

National clearance rates lifts as spring market expected to still bloom - 4th August 2014

Vacancies spark rental rethink - 4th August 2014

New data reveals that Queensland's longest listings have been on the market for half a decade - 30th July 2014

Winter sends buyers and vendors into hibernation after property prices inch upwards - 21st July 2014

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Property Investors to see net cash flow fall: SQM Research - 17th July 2014

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Highest national vacancy rate ever recorded: SQM Research's Louis Christopher

Vacancy Rates record sharp rise, Asking Rents subdued: SQM Research Media Release April 2014

Property Market Update - 10th May 2014

Stock on market abover normal April levels, prices stagnating: SQM Research - 5th May 2014

Marginal increase in home sales, may not continue - 5th May 2014

No Major Drop in Listings During April, Signalling Market Lull - Stock on Market April Media Release

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City in desperate search of tenants - 22nd March 2014

Blending old and new in South Australia - 20th March 2014

Sydney units now more expensive than houses in the other capitals - 19th March 2014

Melbourne vacancy rate falls, but CBD bucks trend - 19th March 2014

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Melbourne's Vacancy Rate Plummets During February: SQM Research Vacancy Rates Media Release February 2014

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Melbourne property in stong supply to start the year - 5th March 2014

New Vendors waning - 5th March 2014

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SQM Research Warns: CBD Vacancies on the Rise - SQM Research Vacancy Rates Media Release, January 2014

Sydney listings hit record low - 13th February 2014

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Sydney property listings hit five year low - 6th February 2014

Sydney property listings fall in January as prices rise - 6th February 2014

Listings and prices up - 6th February 2014

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South Australia's top real estate bargins revealed - the homes with the biggest discounts since first listed - 11th January 2014

Gladstone property positioned to crash, says Sunrise pundit - 9th January 2014

First home buyers settle in on the Victoria market - 8th January 2014

National listings drop - 8th January 2014

Stock levels down in December - 8th January 2014

Sydney's asking prices up 14%: Jennifer Duke - 7th January 2014

Stock Levels Slide During December: SQM Research Media Release - 7th January 2014

My predictions for 2014: Times are changing - 6th January 2014


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Sydney to lead Australian housing in 2014 with 20% Jump, SQM says - 17th September 2013

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Housing clearance rate hits record high - 25th August 2013

National rental vacancies edge higher - 21st August 2013

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Slight uptick but no looming price bubble:SQM's Louis Christopher - 21st August 2013

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Most discounted home in Bandamba extends its lead by 4%: SQM - 1st August 2013

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Melbourne leads continued easing of rental market with rents unlikely to rise untill 2015: SQM - 16th July 2013

Sydney Homes For Sale Drop To Lowest In Three Years, SQM Says - 4th July 2013

Residential properties listed for sale in Sydney down -23.1% in a year: SQM - 4th July 2013

Sydney's Stock Levels Reach 2009 Lows - SQM Research Stock on Market Media Release - July 2013

Victorian first home buyer's market set to taper off: SQM - 1st July 2013

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National residential vacancy rate lifts to 2.1% in May - 19th June 2013

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The three investment property risks in the challenging days ahead for some mining towns: Pete Wargent - 24th April 2013

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Gladstone leads rise in rental cacancies in mining towns - 18th April 2013

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Property buyers advised to be wary as market on the rise bu big reductions in asking prices - 8th march 2013

Bondi unit with 'catch 55' -7th March 2013

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Psotcode 4184 dominates Brisbane's days on market standings: SQM - 5th March 2013

Rental Growth Losing Pace - SQM Research Media Release - 28th February 2013

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Mosman houses finally score a century albeit a month behind 2012 data: Rober Simeon - 25th February 2013

Bumber weekend auctions record highest clearance results in two years - 25th February 2013

House prices hit by the hammer - 23rd February 2013

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Australia Home Asking Prices Rise as Confidence Climbs, SQM Says - 23rd February 2013

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SQM Survey shows 1.9pc fall in property listings as demand rebuilds - 4th February 2013

Sydney Homes for Sale Plunge to 3-year Low as Demand Recovers - 4th February 2013

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Rise in rental vacancy rate to 2.3% in December mainly seasonal: SQM Research - 17th January 2013

Falling first home buyers, a 'small glitch' - 17th January 2013

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Housing affordability up for seventh quarter - 28th November 2012

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SQM Research Media Release: Vacancy Rates October 2012

Melbourne residential vacancy rate edges closer to 3%: SQM Research

Muted house prices fail to spur rate cut - 7th November 2012

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Recources boom helping rental market. but not property sales, in WA: SQM Research - 31st October 2012

Otton Encourages Tenants to Become Homeowners as National Vacancy Rate Drops - 30th October 2012 

Rental market hits the two speed calculator - 26th October 2012

Auctions market clearance rates continue to show strong signs of recovery - 22nd October 2012

Big-city sales show spark of recovery - 22nd October 2012

SQM Research Media Release: Vacancy Rates September 2012

Owners market as vacancy rates drop for fourth consecutive month - 18th October 2012

Cheapie Pam Beach house sells at a loss as new properties debut on most discounted list: SQM Research - 15th October 2012

Anaylsts see recovery in housing market - 13th October 2012

Record in high house rents could force families into flats - 11th October 2012

Melbourne cheaper city for renters - 11th October 2012

No big spring listings rush as stock on market hold steady in September: SQM

SQM Research Media Release: Stock on Market September 2012 

Forresters Beach property sells for $800,000 less than original asking price after two years on the market: SQM - 4th October 2012

SQM optimistic about housing market - 27th September 2012

Property heats up - 26th September 2012

Australian house prices could rise 7% in 2013 if eurozone holds together: SQM Research - 26th September 2012

House prices set to jump next year - 26th September 2012

Darwin a standout market for property investors: Ryder - 21st September 2012

AMP Media Release: AMP Financial Services resigns Van Eyk - 20th September 2012

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SQM detects slight shift in national vacancy rates - 18th September 2012

Low rates fail to spur home buyers - 13th September 2012

Housing sector still sluggish - 11th September 2012

Housing finance drops, pointing to market's weakness - 10th September 2012

Its still a buyers market - 9th September 2012

Agent urge vendors to get real - 8th September 2012

Online residential listings rise 1.5% in August to 373,510 - led by Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra - 5th September2012

Real estate springs to life - 5th September 2012

Melbourne Home Listins Jump as Perth's Drop in Segmented Market - 4th September 2012

Media Release: Stock on Market August 2012

Property to spring forth - 3rd September 2012

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MY BEST TECH: Louis Christopher - 30th August 2012

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Otton to Teach Australians How to Invest on Proeprty Wisely as Discounted Homes Abound the Market - 26th August 2012

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Vacancy rates tight in Perth and Mackay but other areas not so lucky - 23rd August 2012

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It's a land lord's market alright, just look at the census - 5th July 2012

Melbourne listings jump 6.1% in June to 55293: SQM capital city stock on market report - 5th July 2012

Melbourne homes for sale jump 28% to 4 times Australian rate - 4th July 2012

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Where to from here? Who knows? - 29th January 2012

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Rental vacancy rate, a 'onimous development' says SQM - 26th January 2012

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First home buyers returning to property market but experts warn European crisis weighing heavily on buyers - 10th November 2011

Australian homes for sale climb 14.5% from one year ago - 8th November 2011

No October listings surge except for Hobart and Adelaide - 8th November 2011

Property market remains lifeless despite rate cut- 7th November 2011

Discounting more severe in Perth than in some other some other capitals- SQM Research - 26th October 2011

Melbourne hits equilibrium as vacancies rise - 26th October 2011

Melbourne's vacancy rate climbs to 3% and could continue to grow: SQM Research - 24th October 2011

Real estate report 24/10/11- 24th October 2011

House prices dip across Sydney's city - 23rd October 2011

Melbourne Rental Vacancies jump to 3% in September, SQM says - 22nd October 2011

SQm forecasts drop in Adelaide house pricesdue to influs of new listings - 19th October 2011

Real estate vendors spring into action - 17th October 2011

Vendors spring into action before concessions end - 15th October 2011

Uncertainty clouds start of spring auction season - 14th October 2011

Alarming rise in house listings: SQM Research - 12th October 2011

The rates that shopped a nation - 5th November 2011

Australian homes for sale jump 5.6% in September, says SQM - 7th October 2011

Residential listings rise 5.6% in September, downward pressure on prices to remain - 7th October 2011

AMP Property Securities S&P Rating "on hold" - 29th September 2011

Real Estate Report- 26/09/2011

International investors wary of property - 23rd September 2011

Rental prices in central Queensland mining towns like Moranbah skyrocket to level of luxury houses on Gold Coast - 22nd September 2011

Australian mortgage stress climbs, rental vacany rates decline - 21st September 2011

Mortgage Stress on the Rise - 21st September 2011

Residential property vacancy rates flat in August but downward pressure still remains, SQM Figures reveal - 21st September 2011

Australian rental vacancies remain tight

at 1.8% in August -21st August 2011

Bricks and mortar safe as houses in volitile times - 21st September 2011

House market  marking time -21st September 2011

Double digit property falls linked to FIFO - 20th September 2011

Outer fringes spring into auction - 19th September 2011

Two big banks shun low-income housing - 19th September 2011

The strange cases of the good houses that just won't sell - 18th September 2011

Spring does not bring its usual seasonal bounce for real estate sales in Queensland - 17th September 2011

Housing stock shock for august - 14th September 2011

Australian housing bears point to shortage 'myth' - 12th September 2011

Duty cut fails to help first home buyers - 11th Septmeber 2011

Housing affordability deteriorates in June quarter, REIA report shows - 8th September 2011

House prices slide futher in 2012: Report - 7th September 2011

Winter of discontent for property market will spill into spring seasonm experts warn - 5th September 2011

HIA warns of half-million shortfall for housing- 2nd September 2011

House prices tipped to dip further in Spring- 2nd September 2011

Melbourne Property on The Block - 2nd September 2011

Home Prices in Australia Sliding - 1st September 2011

Vacancy rate plateaus - 31st August 2011

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Dire rental prospects on the fringe - 25th August 2011

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Building work value fall 4.1pc, Says Bureau of Statistics - 25th August 2011

Block mirrors struggling market - 22 August 2011

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Housing market set to feel global wobbles - 12th August 2011 

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Property listings rise 4% in July as downward pressure on prices remains - 10th August 2011

Buyers in box seat if Spring brings a flood of new housing stock - 10th August 2011

HAVE YOUR SAY: Kingston, Glen Eira agents go to great lengths for a sale - 10th August 2011

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Time to take stock- 10th July 2011

Decade of pain for Melbourne's property market- 10th July 2011

Mythical shortage won't stop price calls - 8th July 2011

Price of Perth home slashed by $1m as discounting hits WA - 7th June 2011

Residential construction to rebound: HIA - 4th July 2011

Living in a house of the rising sum - 2nd July 2011 

New super rules spark interest in investor deals - 27th June 2011

Real Estate Report - 27th June 2011

West is rental as anything as prices rocket - 26th June 2011

Melbourne's hot potato suburbs - 26th June 2011

More stock available in Australian cities - 20th June 2011

New report find Australians want more apartments as auction market weakens - 20th June 2011

Residential property listings soar 30% as market slows - 14th June 2011

Its a real buyer's market as Sydneys homes sit but don't sell - 11th June 2011

Higher interest rates and reduced affordability to blame for house sales plunge - 11th June

Waterfront unit takes a massive price cut - 11th June 2011

Interest in bluechip subrubs drops as properties for sale rise - 10th June 2011

Home loan approvals rise but demand for housing subdued - 9th June 2011

Property experts question merit of negative gearing - 6th June 2011

The home that no one will buy - 5th June 2011

Australian Economy faces downward slide - 3rd June 2011

Buying Oppurtunity Emergers for Savy Investors- 1st June 2011

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Managing Director of SQM Research Louis Christopher speaking on Channel 7's Sunrise about falling house prices Part 2 - 24th May 2011

Developers abandon apartment projects as credit squeeze continues - 24th May 2011

Auction rates misleading, says Louis Christopher from SQM Research - 24th May 2011

Managing Director of SQM Research Louis Christopher, speaking on Channel 7's Sunrise about falling house prices - 23rd May 2011 

Auction results flat, no reprieve expected until spring - 23rd May 2011

Auction rates 'misleading' - 23rd May 2011 

Jittery industry scared to use the f-word about house prices - 22nd May 2011

Property prices tipped to fall by 5% amid bulging market - 22nd May 2011

Quick and the dead: Suburbs defying the glut - 21st May 2011

Rental vacancy rates rise accross the country, SQM figures show - 20th May 2011

SQM Research Segment on ABC's 7.30 report - 17th May 2011

Individuals are quitting the investment property market - 17th May 2011

Property on the market doubles - 17th May 2011

Experts claim property market not oversupplied, but employment to keep prices steady -16th May 2011

Soft is pundits' new hard sell - 16th May 2011

Commonwealth Bank sees rise in mortgage arrears, experts say trend will continue - 12 May 2011

Where is "the point of control" for aussie housing? - 11th May 2011

Stock on Market April Media Release - 8th May 2011

Auction results show buyers remain in control: Experts - 5th May 2011

Housing glut to hit values report- 5th May 2011

House Buyers Strike a no no - 5th May 2011

SQM warns house prices may drop over 5% as stock levels rise 3.9% in April -5th May 2011

Australian property vulnerable to global shocks- 4th May 2011

Aussie home prices fell in March quarter: ABS - 2nd May 2011

Home prices in biggest drop in twelve years - 29th April 2011

It might be the agent and not the price thats wrong - 29th April 2011

Tight rental market will only tighten more - 24th April 2011

Increased confidence boosts demands for offices - 21st April 2011

Property mixed on report government, Government examining changes to negative gearing - 21st APril 2011

Home Loan News: House prices fall by 6% in 2011 - 18th April 2011

Experts question dall in property prices - 18th April 2011

Experts play down fears of dramatic drop in Melbourne house prices but say pain is coming - 18th APril 2011

Too many people, too few houses - 14th April 2011

Time to sell Melbourne housing? - 15th April 2011

March 2011 Stock on Market Media Release

Increased confidence boosts demand for offices - 13th April 2011

Auctions clearances steady, but property stock levels surge - 11th April 2011

Aussies love property and passions can fly when we defend out patch- 9th April 2011

Housing Downturn imminent: SQM- 7th April 2011

Buyer retreat spells slump in home prices - 7th April 2011

First home buyers strike movement could creadt opportunity for property investors: Experts- 4/04/11

Leave the herd and profit from a buyer's market - 2nd April 2011

Vacancy rates remain tight- 31st March 2011

Home buyers strike on Red Symons ABC- 30th March 2011

Tight vacancy rates mean rent rises ahead- 30th March 2011

Australia feels rental vacancy squeeze- 28th March 2011

Sydney property prices are 'slow and steady' - 28th March 2011

Rental market tightens further- 28th March 2011

Property helps the rich get richer - 27th March 2011

The elusive search for value - 26th March 2011

Media Release Vacancy Rates for February- 26th March 2011

Why it won't take a shock to knock house prices for six - 24th March 2011

Expert tips property prices on Sunshine and Gold coasts to fall 7% as region becomes a "basket case" - 24th March 2011 

"Basket case" region facing a correction - 24th March 2011

SQM reveals a growing stock glut- 23rd March 2011

Disaster season marks tough start for year in property- 21st March 2011

Auctions strong in sydney but high stock levels tipped to keep prices down - 14th March 2011

Media Release Stock on Market for February- 12th March 2011

Urgent Australian Property Update - 7th March 2011

Auction rates fudged by failed campaigns - 6th March 2011 

Property bargain hunt: tips and traps- 22nd February 2011

Housing Finance Grows Faster Than Expected- 14th February 2011

Buyers still in charge as as early auction results point to a flat price outlook- 14th February 

Bidders close gap at auctions - 14th Feb 2011

SQM Research's 2011 Forecast on Yahoo!7 -7th Feb 2011

Experts say soft auction results suggest higher stock levels will keep house prices down in 2011- 7th feb 2011

Get in now to buy your first home- 7th Feb 2011

What happens if the property you just bought has been destroyed?- 2nd Feb 2011

House prices ease as economy stalls- 2nd Feb 2011 

House Price Hike Defies expectations- 1st Feb 2011

Investing in 2011: Opportunities and Pitfalls- 1st Feb 2011

Brisbane property market set to dip in the aftermath of the floods - 24th Jan 2011

Media Release- National Vacancy Rates December 2010

Rental vacancies remain tight as first home buyers return to renting, new research shows - 24th January 2011

Floods tipped to hit house prices - 17th Jan 2011

Floods strain set to hit borrowers, banks: Fitch 17th January 2011

Prestige Queensland property market "to be hit hardest" - 14th Jan 2011

Drop in first home buyers keeps property prices under pressure - 12th Jan 2011

Australia's "Tulip Mania" About To Crash As Housing Shortage Proves A Massive Myth - January 10th 2011

SQM Research Media Release for the month of December 2010

Big Changes Ahead for Australian Real Estate- 10th Jan 2011

44% jump in property listings points to price falls in 2011: Expert - 10th Jan 2011

Last minute vendors beat the calender and predictions of a selling slump- 8th Jan 2011

Property experts say 2011 outlook soft as prices stabalise- 3rd Jan 2011


Auction market finishes 2010 with a fizzle as experts predict more private sales in new year- 20th Dec 2010

House prices will be flat but you can bet on rent rises- 12th Dec 2010 

Property sales will slow over summer as sellers are forced to become more realistic: Expert - 6th Dec 2010

South west suffers most as home rental shortage worsens- 3rd Dec 2010

Housing affordability improves but rising rates cloud 2011 outlook- 24th Nov 2010

Property Prices will fall as unsold stock levels soar, experts warn - 22nd Nov 2010

Sales Chain Holding Back Brisbane Market - 15th Nov 2010

Clearance Rates Continue to Fall - 15th Nov 2010

House Glut Hits Lower Glut Stock - 10th Nov 2010

Housing Market Crumbling at Both Ends- 9th Nov 2010

Media Release Stock on Market for October

Auction Market Slows in Melbourne- 11 October 2010

House Shortage Predictions - 7 October 2010

Healthcare Property Sector- 9 October 2010

Rental Yields to Increase

Clearance rates under 60% point to a correction - SMH


National vacancy rates rise 23 January 2009

Christopher notes the uptick in housing finance but warns market is still weak 15 January 2009


Rents tumble in inner Sydney 6 December 2008

Christopher comments on how property will stand up in the global crisis and disputes population growth as the major factor in housing demand 5 November 2008

Credit crisis good news for property buyers? Christopher comments on the affordability of various Ausralian states 5 November 2008

SQM Research Media Release on its National Residential Rental Vacancy Rates 26 July 2008

Christopher warns of yet more bombs to go off in the A-REIT(Listed Property Trust)market. The Australian 28 June 2008

Adviser Edge awards four domestic property securities funds 4 stars or more. Christopher crticises the composition of the local A-REIT Index. Australian Financial Review 29 May 2008

Christopher publicly acknowledges becoming increasingly bearish on residential property for 08/09. Smart Company 29 April 2008

Inner urban Sydney Units to outperform in 2008, according to Christopher and McNamara. Sydney Morning Herald 23 February 2008

Christopher states CBD offices to be best performing sector for 2008, however returns will be lower than 2007. Australian Financial Review 31 Janaury 2008

The Adviser Edge National Property Sector Review, January 2008


Christopher warns about other LPTs following from the Centro disaster. Australian Financial Review 18 December 2007

3 June 2007, Louis features on ABC's Inside Business on the potential pitfalls of renovations

The Adviser Edge National Property Sector Review, April 2007

State of the Market March 2007


"There are even signs the US housing market is starting to hit bottom..". This stated in an interview on ABC's Lateline, 8 December,2006 by Dr. Shane Oliver. Its the 3rd set of his quotes down where he says this.

11 September 2006. That Crikey story

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