Privacy Policy

SQM Research may collect general information about users of this site which includes IP addresses, users’ approximate location, browser type, operating system, and information pertaining to how visitors found this site. This information is used to improve the web site, and to provide a better customer experience.

SQM Research may collect personally identifiable information such as phone numbers, email and postal addresses for the purpose of providing customers with products and services, and this information will be used to provide those products or services.

Any person can contact SQM Research to request to modify or update their information or to opt out of any future marketing activities.

SQM Research will not disclose any personally identifiable information that it obtains in the course of its commercial transactions with you to any third party, unless you specifically agree otherwise, except where a third party requires the personal information to perform a service on behalf of SQM Research. For example, credit card details must be passed on securely to financiers to provide payment of accounts. However SQM Research does not collate or keep credit card detail information.

SQM Research collects public information in the form of title and property sale transactions from various government agencies and has done this for years. The information obtained contains property owner names and, in the case of some states, the owner's address. To the extent that any property owner does not wish others to know their property ownership then SQM Research will remove his or her name and address from its database upon the owner's written request to SQM Research.

Please contact SQM Research on 1800 766 651 if you have any further queries regarding our privacy policy.


Security Policy

SQM research prides itself on providing a safe and secure online environment for ordering and purchasing our products and researching your real estate information needs. All orders placed online using our online order form are covered by SSL security technology to protect your details. Your payment details, including credit card information, are entered directly into a secure online credit card payment system. This way details are passed through as few online "hands" as possible. As such, usable credit card details are not stored at SQM research. Details which do not relate to payment that are collected by SQM Research as part of the order process are only used for internal purposes and not released to third parties without the express permission of the provider.

If you have any questions about SQM's privacy and security policy please contact us via email: