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Ensure you are compliant. Ensure you have the full picture and not just the good news. And ensure you keep your budget intact - subscribe to SQM Research.

SQM Research now has data and analytics on over 10,000 funds in Australia which are available in an very easy to use and affordable month by month subscription package.

Our AFSL licensed qualitative ratings covering funds, SMAs and ETFs are written on all asset classes in an professional investment approach with issued rating that covers the good, the bad and the ugly.

SQM Research is Australia's most respected rater of all asset classes within the funds management sector.

We have been an official rater of managed investment schemes since 2007 and while perhaps better known for our residential property research, the ratings sector of SQM has been and continues to be a core and integral part of our business.

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Our Ratings & Fund Data Service covers Sector Reviews, Fund research & Quantitative analysis for about 9000 funds. For more information contact us today! Get the right information & insightful advice first from SQM Research.

Rating Methodology

SQM’s research methodology is comprised of a number of elements that generally require a period of approximately one to three months for completion. These elements include a desktop review, site inspection, and meetings with key fund management personnel.

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