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Select funds to compare from the list below:

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NRMSIDAPIR/IDProduct NameAsset ClassSectorRatingTypeRet 1m(%)Ret 3m(%)Ret 6m(%)Ret 1y(%)Ret 3y(%)Ret 5y(%)Ret 10y(%)InceptionPerf DatePrice DateTCRTCR DateSizeStatusMgr NameResp EntityBuy SpreadSell SpreadMgt FeeEntry FeeExit FeeMin. InvestmentComm. DtAEQIEQFIALTPROCSHOTHAsset Alloc. Dt.Reports ( print selected)
610.0000F0AUS05FE5AUS0112AUAus Unity Healthcare Property WholesalePropertyUnlisted and Direct PropertyX.XXOpen0.47650.9429-4.0575-5.77377.602211.222911.994011.657531 May 202431 May 20241.080030 Jun 2021$2,283,471,475openAustralian Unity Funds Management LtdAustralian Unity Funds Management Ltd1.50000.50001.08005,00014 Feb 20020.00000.00000.00000.000099.38000.62000.000031 May 2024
1,701.0000F0AUS05CM0AUS0102AUAUI Healthcare Property Trust RPropertyUnlisted and Direct PropertyX.XXOpen0.47680.9445-4.0557-5.76487.606511.084411.651110.868031 May 202431 May 20241.280030 Jun 2021$2,283,471,475openAustralian Unity Funds Management LtdAustralian Unity Funds Management Ltd1.50000.50000.98001,00001 Jul 19990.00000.00000.00000.000099.38000.62000.000031 May 2024
4,480.0000F000002OG5AUS0037AUAUI Healthcare Property Trust APropertyUnlisted and Direct PropertyX.XXOpen0.43850.9169-3.3464-4.46916.32229.21679.86408.391331 May 202431 May 20240.870030 Jun 2021$2,283,471,475openAustralian Unity Funds Management LtdAustralian Unity Funds Management Ltd1.20000.50000.80005,00025 Feb 20090.00000.00000.00000.000099.38000.62000.000031 May 2024
23.0000F00001D3BFMFL0002AULa Trobe Australian Credit Sel Invmt AccFixed IncomeMortgages AggressiveX.XXOpen0.72612.20364.47249.09798.07548.06468.04038.616231 May 202431 May 20241.600030 Jun 2023$289,911,932openLa Trobe Financial Services Pty LimitedLa Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited0.00000.00001.60000.00000.00001,00014 Jul 19990.00000.00000.00000.00000.00000.00000.000031 May 2024
994.0000F00000TIOEMAQ0832AUMacquarie True Index Glbl Rel Est SecsPropertyEquity Global Real EstateX.XXOpen0.9672-1.52024.72704.42750.33950.40325.64367.334231 May 202431 May 20240.000031 Mar 2023$100,392,651openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.14000.12000.0000100,00016 Oct 20126.05490.00000.00000.00000.00000.550693.394530 Apr 2024
993.0000F00000TIOGMAQ0831AUMacquarie True Index Global Infra SecsPropertyEquity Global InfrastructureX.XXOpen3.29184.75747.32835.37267.56974.88648.91488.881031 May 202431 May 202431 Mar 2023$263,318,781openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.11000.10000.0000100,00021 Dec 20096.728092.95000.00000.00000.00000.32190.000030 Apr 2024
995.0000F00000TIODMAQ0830AUMacquarie Hedged Index Glb Real Est SecsPropertyEquity Global Real EstateX.XXOpen2.82270.83105.15876.7109-3.9340-1.20322.93224.603631 May 202431 May 202431 Mar 2023$942,889,534openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.16000.14000.0000100,00016 Oct 20126.05490.00000.00000.00000.00000.550693.394530 Apr 2024
996.0000F00000TIOCMAQ0829AUMacquarie Hedged Index Global Infra SecsPropertyEquity Global Infrastructure - Currency HedgedX.XXOpen4.98806.78017.54326.73372.98653.22566.77069.124931 May 202431 May 202431 Mar 2023$2,325,780,584openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.13000.12000.0000100,00018 Dec 20096.728092.95000.00000.00000.00000.32190.000030 Apr 2024
1,630.0000F0AUS05COGMAQ0266AUMacquarie Hedged Index Global Bond FundFixed IncomeBonds - GlobalX.XXOpen0.5201-0.66970.7901-0.1409-3.7133-1.25271.71364.938431 May 202431 May 20240.000031 Mar 2023$317,299,088openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.11000.11000.0000500,00028 Feb 20020.00000.000087.08140.00000.000012.91860.000030 Apr 2024
1,631.0000F0AUS05COFMAQ0211AUMacquarie True Index Aust Fixed InterestFixed IncomeBonds - AustraliaX.XXOpen0.3977-0.49202.08140.8696-2.0919-0.54572.19954.592931 May 202431 May 20240.000031 Mar 2023$3,406,339,623openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.04000.07000.0000100,00025 Oct 20000.00000.0000100.00000.00000.00000.00000.000030 Apr 2024
1,760.0000F00000QABTMPL0006AUMaple-Brown Abbott Global Listed InfrasPropertyEquity Global InfrastructureX.XXOpen2.51072.20562.18733.01939.65736.53989.053811.434631 May 202431 May 20240.980030 Jun 2023$1,078,925,996openMaple-Brown Abbott LimitedMaple-Brown Abbott Limited0.15000.15000.980020,00018 Dec 20120.000097.71140.00000.00000.00002.28860.000031 May 2024
2,191.0000F0AUS05DV6MAQ0288AUMacquarie True Index Australian SharesAustralian EquitiesEquity Australia Large BlendX.XXOpen0.85171.099610.665812.83756.54857.80207.81449.144331 May 202431 May 20240.000031 Mar 2023$2,087,021,613openMacquarie Investment Management Global LimitedMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.10000.10000.0000500,00014 Apr 200399.87900.00000.00000.00000.00000.12100.000030 Apr 2024
2,388.0000F00001GPPLBLK5060AUBlackRock Fixed Inc Glb Oppos (Aust) SFixed IncomeDiversified CreditX.XXOpen0.00000.00000.00000.000031 May 202431 May 2024$546,152openBlackRock Investment Mgmt (AUS) LtdBlackRock Investment Mgmt (AUS) Ltd0.00000.00000.670050,00004 Aug 20230.00001.446099.45700.00000.0000-1.08600.182031 Mar 2024
2,463.0000F00001DFY0BFL3333AUQuay Global Real Estate AUD HedgedPropertyEquity Global Real EstateX.XXOpen4.44832.75956.976913.3747-5.520031 May 202431 May 20240.920030 Jun 2023$240,790,030openQuay Global Investors Pty LtdBennelong Funds Management Ltd0.20000.20000.92000.00000.000020,00001 Feb 20225.81010.00000.00000.00000.00003.541790.648231 May 2024
4,435.0000F00000U3LIMAQ0789AUMacquarie True Index Cash FundCashAustralian CashX.XXOpen0.37271.09692.20354.32752.31971.59471.84803.201231 May 202431 May 20240.000031 Mar 2023$174,506,897openMacquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.Macquarie Investment Management Aus Ltd.0.00000.00000.0000500,00003 Apr 20060.00000.000045.73680.00000.000054.26320.000030 Apr 2024
3,605.0000F00001HN7CBLK8516AUBlackRock Australian Bond SFixed IncomeBonds - Global / AustraliaX.XXOpen0.00000.00000.00000.000031 May 202431 May 2024openBlackRock Investment Management (Australia) LtdBlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Ltd0.05000.05000.1500500,00025 Oct 20230.00000.00000.00000.00000.00000.00000.0000
4,048.0000F0AUS07332TGP0016AUClearBridge RARE Infrastructure IncomePropertyEquity Global Infrastructure - Currency HedgedX.XXOpen5.53536.18345.56544.22884.30396.33317.56079.858331 May 202431 May 20241.030030 Jun 2023$1,320,893,384openClearBridge Investments LimitedFranklin Templeton Australia Limited0.15000.04001.03000.00000.000020,00009 Jul 20082.110494.17200.00000.00000.00003.71760.000031 May 2024
4,120.0000F00000ORSEETL0273AUAllan Gray Australia StableMulti-AssetMultisector ModerateX.XXOpen0.43843.58935.34505.55884.94934.43805.20555.864031 May 202431 May 20240.470030 Jun 2023$347,000,000openAllan Gray Australia Pty LtdEquity Trustees Ltd0.10000.10000.26000.00000.000010,00001 Jul 201117.83000.00001.55000.00000.000080.62000.000031 May 2024
4,240.0000F00000W8J3MPL0008AUMaple-Brown Abbott Gbl Listed Infra HdPropertyEquity Global Infrastructure - Currency HedgedX.XXOpen4.01933.93062.18763.35054.87194.60775.995831 May 202431 May 20241.000030 Jun 2023$566,429,664openMaple-Brown Abbott LimitedMaple-Brown Abbott Limited0.15000.15001.000020,00014 Jul 20150.000097.71140.00000.00000.00002.28860.000031 May 2024
4,378.0000F0AUS06QYJLTC0002AULa Trobe Financial 12 Month Term AccountFixed IncomeMortgages AggressiveX.XXOpen0.56251.68863.38856.65745.37775.15165.31466.456931 May 202431 May 20241.800030 Jun 2023$8,241,968,817openLa Trobe Financial Asset Management LimitedLa Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited0.00000.00001.80000.00000.000010,00001 Oct 20020.00000.000098.61510.00000.00001.38490.000031 May 2024

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