16 Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe, QLD, 4005


Sold prices:

May 2019$385,000
Nov 2014$600,000
Feb 2014$620,000
Nov 2013undisclosed / contact agent
Jun 2013undisclosed / contact agent
Nov 2012undisclosed / contact agent


Recent Listings:

9/Nov/2018For sale$398,000link
15/Sep/2017For sale$400,000+link
28/Jul/2017For sale$589,000link
17/Mar/2017For sale$420,000link
22/Apr/2016For salePrice Guide $600,000link
28/Aug/2015For sale$550,000+link
28/Mar/2015For saleMid $500,000'slink
21/Nov/2014For salePrice Guide $600,000link
4/Oct/2014For saleOffers from $620,000link
15/Aug/2014For sale$639,000+link
25/Apr/2014For sale585,000link
25/Apr/2014For sale$625,000link
25/Apr/2014For sale585,000link
25/Apr/2014For sale$625,000link
4/Apr/2014For sale$589,000link
7/Mar/2014For sale$595,000+buyerslink
30/Nov/2013For saleFOR SALE NOWlink
14/Sep/2013For sale$659,000link
27/Jul/2013For sale$359,000link
22/Jun/2013For sale$425,000link
18/Mar/2013For rent$480link
9/Mar/2013For sale$480,000link
8/Feb/2013For sale$519,000link
6/Oct/2012For sale$450,000+link
28/Jul/2012For sale$489,000link
10/Jul/2012For rent$620 per weeklink
9/Jun/2012For saleOffers over $500,000link
2/Jun/2012For rent$540 per weeklink
2/Jun/2012For sale$539,000link
1/Jun/2012For rent$540 per weeklink
20/Apr/2012For saleLow to Mid $500slink
2/Apr/2012For rent$580 per weeklink
17/Feb/2012For saleOffers over $495,000 Under Contlink
11/Feb/2012For sale$389,000link
25/Jan/2012For rent$480 per weeklink
25/Jan/2012For rent$520 per weeklink
18/Jan/2012For rent$440 per weeklink
13/Jan/2012For sale$1,185,000link
9/Jan/2012For rent$350 per weeklink
9/Jan/2012For rent$1500 per weeklink
25/Dec/2011For rent$1600 per weeklink
17/Dec/2011For rentlink
2/Dec/2011For saleOffers over $495,000 Under Contractlink
1/Dec/2011For rent$450 per weeklink
1/Dec/2011For rent$540 per weeklink
1/Dec/2011For rent$620 per weeklink
1/Dec/2011For rent$650 per weeklink
18/Nov/2011For sale$385,000 Under Contractlink
17/Nov/2011For rent$560 per weeklink
17/Nov/2011For rent$675 per weeklink
9/Nov/2011For rent$440 per weeklink
4/Nov/2011For saleAll Offers Invitedlink
1/Nov/2011For rent$550 per weeklink
9/Oct/2011For rent$560 per weeklink
9/Oct/2011For rent$430 per weeklink
9/Oct/2011For rent$475 per weeklink
17/Sep/2011For rent$410 per weeklink
25/Aug/2011For rent$520 per weeklink
1/Aug/2011For rent$430 per weeklink
29/Jul/2011For saleHigh $300,000'slink
15/Jul/2011For sale$409,000link
2/Jul/2011For rent$430 per weeklink
2/Jul/2011For sale$575,000link
2/Jul/2011For saleHigh $300,000'slink
2/Jul/2011For sale$409,000link
1/Jul/2011For sale$575,000link
25/Jun/2011For sale$395,000link
18/Jun/2011For rent$590link
10/Jun/2011For rent$500 per weeklink
10/Jun/2011For rent$520 per weeklink
9/Jun/2011For rent$500 per weeklink
28/May/2011For saleLow $400,000'slink
26/May/2011For rent$540 per weeklink
10/May/2011For rent$560 per weeklink
18/Apr/2011For rent$540 per weeklink
10/Apr/2011For rent$605 per weeklink
12/Feb/2011For sale$595,000link
10/Sep/2010For rent$600link
13/Aug/2010For sale$600,000 + Offerslink

Price Per SQM Co-Efficient Curve™

Below you will find a price per sqm scatterplot chart of sold properties for the postcode 4005. This chart reveals the relationship between sold prices verses land size. Feel free to click on/hover over the particular dot points as they will highlight the property for that sale. You are also able to compare the relationship by clicking on previous years as offered below the chart. A "best fit" curve represents the relative relationship between the sold price and landsize. We call this the Price Per SQM Co-Efficient Curve™ A regional comparison is provided by the purple curve.

Free statistics by SQM Resarch for postcode 4005:

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