Distressed Properties Report - FAQ

I can get this information for free just by adding in key terms on the listings websites. So why should I pay for this service?

No, you can’t get this information for free elsewhere. While some of the major listors allow you to search under certain key terms, they won’t let you  search them  all at once. We have also found them to be very unreliable, even on one key term at a time. On top of this, each listor is limited by their own market share. On top of that they won’t give you the last sold price for the property and certainly won’t give you the advertising history. So this tool saves you lots of time and is accurate.


What can I do with this information?

This information will enable you to pinpoint potential property bargains. 


There are direct listing links for each property. What’s it for?

So you can go straight to the current listing. We strongly advise this to get the very most up-to-date information on the listing

Our records are updated frequently (every 5 business days), however changes can happen between updates. The link also has agent details so you can contact the agent for more information on the listing.


Will my report be automatically updated to reflect new properties that have been on the market?

YES, subscription reports will be updated weekly (usually over the weekend) there is a date provided in the list on when the next update will occur.


What is the difference between the home discounts report and the distressed properties report?

Essentially the two report on entirely different things. The distressed properties report is all about providing information on those mortgagee in possession properties, divorcee properties and anything that looks like there is a must sell situation occurring. While the home discounts report just focuses on properties that have been discounted and been on the market for over 60 days.


How are you collecting this information?

On a weekly basis, we monitor the countries major real estate listings portals and we search by very specific terms such as “mortgagee in possession, desperate seller, must sell now, etc. We also collect sold records data which we then match against these distressed properties currently on the market.


Will some properties in the list be already sold?

Yes, some will. The program though is set up that each week, we delete those listings where there has been an update that is has been sold. Obviously some may show sold before the weekly deletion. We also note that the mortgagee in possession properties seem to move very quickly. 


The link has taken me to an archived advertisement. What does this mean?

The property has now been listed under a different agent, sold or withdrawn from the market. If sold, often the archived ad will state it has been sold. We advise contacting the agent to find out what happened or doing a separate search for the property directly with the listings website.


There are not many sold records for WA and hardly any sold records for Victoria. Why is that?

Unfortunately in these two states, purchasing data off the State Valuer General Office is extremely prohibitive (as in the case of WA) and Victoria will not allow one to publish the street address (except of course if you are an agent!) We would strongly recommend contacting the Valuer General in each of these two states or you local state parliament member and seek them to make data more transparent and freely available in these states.

Lack of transparency in property information in this country is a big problem. It allows unscrupulous people to take advantage of the situation by employing dodgy strategies such as two-tier marketing.


Why don’t you show a sold record for all the properties in your report?

There are many reasons why a property is not recording a previous sold result. They can include, in order of most likely reason:

The property has not sold in the last 15 years. Generally, property records for most states in this country go back to 1990. In some states, they just back to 1998

The property is new and this is the first time it has resold.

The Valuer General has made an error in publishing the sold record price. Such Valuer General errors occur often, however do not have any bearing upon title issues.

The advertised address is not correct. This can occur where an agent has advertised a property under a more favourable suburb or a fictitious suburb e.g East Redfern.

The vendor has managed to erase previous sold records on the property. This is very difficult to do, however possible in some states.


Some of the asking prices have errors. Why is that?

While every attempt has been made to eliminate errors, with a national database of millions of records, no doubt some will get through. The errors tend to be ones surrounding developments and multi story apartments. They will generally look quite odd. E.g. $1,000,000 now advertised at $290,000.

If you know of an error, please email us at enquiries@sqmresearch.com.au. We will get them fixed or take them out of the records. It is important you provide us with some information/evidence on them.

Please note that if the last advertised price recorded  in the report is different to the current linked ad, that is not likely to be an error at all. Moreover it represents that the vendors has changed their asking price since our last data upload.


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