NOTE: Please check the ad to ensure times have not changed on the auction. Some properties may also have sold prior, withdrawn or have been rescheduled.

The below counts of auctions represent most recent known auction dates for the coming week. Counts may well change during the week based on new listings. The counts include properties that may have been withdrawn and/or sold prior.

Nationwide Totals:

CitySaturday Rest of Week
Sydney760 122
Melbourne47 18
Brisbane61 27
Perth2 6
Adelaide61 17
Canberra50 9
Darwin2 4
Hobart0 0
StateSaturday Rest of Week Link
All NSW869 185 Auctions in NSW
All VIC62 20 Auctions in VIC
All QLD111 85 Auctions in QLD
All WA4 8 Auctions in WA
All SA61 23 Auctions in SA
All ACT50 9 Auctions in ACT
All NT2 4 Auctions in NT
All TAS0 0 Auctions in TAS